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Anytime of Day PB and J Wraps

PB and J is a classic lunch dish that’s found at least once in a while inside every child’s lunch box.  Whether it’s grape jelly, apple butter or strawberry jam the easy to prepare and pack sandwich is a school time staple.  It doesn’t have to stay that way!  With this recipe inspired by Team FitNice friend Alicia of Fitness by Alicia your entire family can have PB and J for breakfast, lunch and dinner without feeling guilty.

PB and J Lunch Wraps

Servings: 4
Prep Time:
Difficulty: 1

4 Whole grain flatbreads
4 Tablespoons reduced fat peanut butter
4 Tablespoons sugar-free jam or jelly (optional)
8 fresh strawberries, sliced
1 large, fresh banana sliced lengthwise then into four equal sections
8 Tablespoons low-fat granola

1.  Spread peanut butter evenly over the four flatbreads.
2.  Spread jelly or jam on one half of flatbread.
3.  Layer granola, sliced banana and strawberries on top of jam or jelly.
4.  Roll flatbread up beginning with side holding fruit and granola.
5.  Enjoy!

PB and JGive this recipe a try today for a twist on the classic noontime meal.  The whole family will enjoy the healthy dish and clean up is a breeze.  Thanks to Alicia for sharing this recipe with us, be sure to check her out at!  The blog is home to tons of great recipes, her real story of weight loss and lots of fitness fun.

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Kitchen Shortcuts for a Healthier You

Eating healthy can be hard.  Cooking can take a while and after a hard day at work, making dinner every night can be a drag.  These are five of Team FitNice‘s favorite kitchen shortcuts designed to help you spend less time in the kitchen while making healthy meals that keep your lifestyle on track.

Kitchen Shortcuts #1:  Use simple cooking methods.  Steaming, broiling and roasting are easy ways to prepare vegetables.  Healthier than frying and faster than baking, these methods make flavor filled food fast and are sure to satisfy every palate that takes a seat at your dinner shortcuts

Kitchen Shortcuts #2:  Stock up.  Be sure to always have plenty of brown rice, quinoa, whole-grain pasta, frozen veggies, low fat nuts, low-sodium canned beans, diced tomatoes and chicken and vegetable stocks on hand.  With so many ingredients close at hand, it’s easy to grab a few things out of the pantry and put together a quick, good-for-you dinner.

Kitchen Shortcuts #3:  Cookbooks.  Save the stress of figuring out what you need at the supermarket.  Have a stack of cookbooks that feature simple recipes without lots of fancy ingredients in the kitchen.  Pick a few favorites, plan the week’s menu and take a list when it’s time to go shopping.

Kitchen Shortcuts #4:  Buy quality meats when they’re on sale.  Divide them into the size you typically use for cooking, wrap and freeze.  Not only will you be saving money, you won’t need to butcher or thaw excess meat because your portions are already set up for you.  This works for cooking large volumes of rice, quinoa and legumes, too.

Kitchen Shortcuts #5:  The ultimate weeknight time saver is to do all of your cooking on one day each week.  By preparing freezable meals in advance, getting dinner on the table takes little more than opening the freezer and turning on a burner.  Another bonus to having ready-to-go meals?  Fewer dishes to wash each evening!

Use these Kitchen Shortcuts to make your weeknight dinners a breeze while avoiding fast food and sodium heavy boxed frozen dinners.  Have questions about your meal plan?  Ask us!  Email or fill out the form below.

5 Reasons to Add Yoga to Your Running Program

When you add yoga to your running program, you’re sure to see benefits.  Practicing yoga can be challenging, but it has many upsides.  Team FitNice uses yoga to relax after every workout, training session or run and sometimes steps it up to use it as its own workout.  Here are 5 great add yogareasons to add yoga to your plan and improve your running.

1.  Add yoga to increase flexibility.  Excessive flexibility through every joint and muscle can actually decrease running performance, but wearing shoes, working out and sitting in a chair all day reduces the important ability to move hips, ankles and knees in a normal range of motion.  Stretching restores the mobility to those joints, and a larger range of motion through the hips can increase stability.  Moveable ankles, stable hips and steady core muscles mean better efficiency and more speed when you’re running.

2.  Add yoga to breathe better.  Practicing yoga helps with breath control, making your body more effective when you’re working hard during a long training run, a grueling speed work session or hitting a race course.  Regulating your breath while running can aid in keeping your heart rate down and help keep you from panting like an overheated canine.

3.  Yoga improves balance.  When you add yoga to your program, you’ll have better stability, your running form will improve and so will your efficiency.  Because most of us run in shoes and on roads, our balance can be underdeveloped.  Poor balance can make the body work extra hard to stay upright and on course, but when you have good balance, it’s a bit easier.  As a bonus, you’ll also be less likely to trip and fall the next time you hit a rocky section of the trail.

4.  Use yoga to compliment your running routine.  When gearing up for a big race and a new PR, use yoga disciplines like hatha or ananda to recover, stretch and relax.  During less intense training times, kick up your yoga practice and push your body by trying a tougher form like vinyasa or power yoga.

5.  Add yoga to decrease injuries.  Yoga improves alignment of your spine and knee joint.  Better alignment in combination with strengthening of the arches of your feet will lead to fewer injuries or chronic aches and pains.  Better balance will help lower the risk of a dangerous spill and relaxing stretched muscles means both quicker recovery from hard workouts and less soreness.

Ready to give yoga a try?  Find a studio near you and pick a few different classes to try.  Not every discipline works for every runner and you should be willing to give a few forms a chance to find your fit.  Want to try a bit of yoga at home?  You can check out this photo album for some of Team FitNice‘s favorite, runner friendly yoga poses.

7 Tips for Summer Time Exercise

Summer is upon us!  The heat waves are coming and most places are seeing warm weather already.  While sweating more than we do during the winter doesn’t cause the body to burn more calories, it does have the potential to create dangerous situations.  Here are 7 Tips for Summer Time Exercise that will help ensure your safety when you’re summer time exerciseworking out in the heat.

Hydrate!  Water and sports drinks are your best bet for staying hydrated, which will help you avoid heat exhaustion, stroke and other heat related summer time exercise induced conditions.  Be careful to avoid alcohol, soda and other caffeinated drinks, especially before your workout, and aim to have 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day (200 pounds?  Shoot for 100 ounces of water every 24 hours).

Dress less.  Summer time exercise isn’t always a fashion show.  It’s about wearing what keeps you the most comfortable while helping you stay cool.  Light colors that reflect instead of attract the sun and lightweight sweat wicking fabrics are a must for any warm weather warrior.

Have perfect timing.  Schedule your workouts for cooler times of day.  Early morning or after the sun sets as usually go-to times for summer time exercise, but if you have to catch some rays while you sweat, make sure you have shade nearby.  Look for shaded trails or covered areas to keep the sun off your back, and if you’re near a beach, don’t be afraid to hit the sand and take a dip in the cool water.

Adjust everything slowly.  Allow your body time to get used to warmer temperatures, higher humidity and working harder.  Gradually expose your body to the more intense weather and within 10 to 14 days, you’ll be ready to handle the tougher conditions.  You should also think about adjusting the difficulty and length of your session when you’re facing more than just a hard workout.

Lather up.  Sunscreen is a must when you’re going to be getting your sweat on outside.  Apply 15 minutes before you head out to give your skin time to absorb the product, otherwise you’ll sweat it right off.  Be aware that even on cloudy or overcast days, the sun does get through and you still need that protection to avoid getting any unwanted sun.

Find a buddy.  Not only is working out with a friend more fun, it makes summer time exercise more safe.  No matter how careful, hydrated and lightly clothed you are, the heat can make summer time exericsecrazy things happen.  Having someone with you gives another layer of security to working out at a dangerous time of year.

Listen to your body.  You should always be doing this, but when summer time exercise puts your health at risk, it’s more important than ever.  Stop working out, find some shade and replace electrolytes at the first sign of dizziness, faintness, exhaustion or nausea.

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Fun Run on National Running Day 2014!

National Running Day 2014 is the continuation of a tradition born in 2009 that occurs annually on the first Wednesday of June.  All across the nation, thousands of runners at all levels participate in Fun Runs, set new goals, kick off training plans and reinvest in their love of the sport.national running day 2014

National Running Day 2014 is the perfect day to begin your running career or renew your fire just as the hot months start to dampen your enthusiasm.  With events everywhere someone wants to run, finding a Fun Run to join is easy.  You can also search this list to find an official event near you.

Team FitNice will be celebrating with J&A Racing at their 6am Fun Run on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk and in the evening, the Team will be headed to Final Kick Sports for a second National Running DayNational Running Day 2014 celebration of our local running community.  In conjunction with the Final Kick hosted 5pm get together and 615pm 30-minute Fun Run, Rock n Roll Virginia Beach will be launching its 2014 season.  Leading right up to Race Day, there’s not a better opportunity to get your training rolling by joining your Team FitNice coaches and friends for a kick-off outing.  Whether you run, jog or walk these events, you’re sure to make a new friend or two while being entered for giveaways and getting some summer running advice from your Team FitNice coaches.

All of FitNicePT’s running coaches are USA Track and Field, giving them the ability to lead runners of all levels to success.  From first time 5K-ers to 20th time marathoners, our coaching staff is sure to give you the guidance and support you need to succeed in any running endeavor.  We hope to see you out there renewing your love of running, starting a new training plan or simply getting involved in the energetic, supportive running community and can’t wait to talk about your next running or fitness goal.

We’ll see you on National Running Day 2014!

Please email us for more information or to let us know we’ll see you at either of these events at or simply fill out the form below.