4 Reasons You Need a Foam Roller

Foam rolling is one of most runners’ favorite post-run activities and Team FitNice can’t get enough.  Almost every gym is home to at least one or two and it’s no surprise why.  Foam rollings uses the technique of self myofascial release, or self massage, to relax overactive muscles.  Almost every major muscle in the body can be foam rolled, making it a wonderful activity to include in your daily fitness routine.  Here are five reasons you need to start using a foam roller today:

Foam rolling will help prevent injuries.  By limiting the amount of fascia that can build up in muscles and make them tight, you’ll find fewer knots.  Muscle knots can quickly turn into injury trigger points and that’s bad news.  Foam roll every day to keep muscles from knotting up and stay injury free.foam roller

You can improve circulation with a foam roller.  The pressure put on blood vessels and veins during the process of foam rolling physically pushes blood through the body.  This temporary increase in blood flow returns to normal when pressure is released, but has already provided the benefit of cleaning out debris while bringing much needed nutrients to strained muscles.  Stimulating circulation can have a refreshing effect and means happier muscles.

Foam rolling can ease back pain.  Sitting in an office chair all day puts a surprising amount of stress on the body.  Hamstrings can tighten, hip flexors can get short and low back pain can crop up.  Stretching and foam rolling the hamstrings, IT Band and hip flexors every day will help alleviate current low back pain while keeping future low back pain at bay.

Use a foam roller to aid with flexibility.  Loose connective tissue helps prevent injuries by increasing range of motion and lessening stiffness.  Put those two things together and they add up to a more flexible body, especially in muscles that are foam rolled on a daily basis.  Increased flexibility and mobility mean your can body move through the range of motion required for exercises with less difficulty and that leads to fewer injuries.

Doesn’t that sound appealing?  There is a wide variety of foam rollers out there, some are hard while others are soft, certain models have bumps and grooves but others are completely smooth.  It’s always a great idea to try a few different models before you settle on one to take home, and when you do, remember that it’s most effective when used regularly, not only when you’re feeling extra sore or tight.

Stay tuned for next week’s post:  Foam Rolling Mistakes to Avoid and check out this video for help getting started with your new foam roller.

Have questions about your post workout routine or how to add foam rolling into your program?  Ask us!  Send an email to Info@FitNicePT.com or fill out the form below.

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