4 Ways to Keep Training Fun

Training for a big event can be stressful, exhausting and financially draining.  Sometimes it feels like all you’re doing to training, eating, working and, hopefully, sleeping.  When training kepp training funbecomes a drag it can negatively affect your performance.  Here are four ways to keep training fun and reach your goals.

Focus or refocus.  Get focused on what your goal is.  Maybe it needs to change.  Make sure you established an attainable goal to begin with.  If you’re training for a marathon and you dread that next long run it might be time to think about switching to the half.  Taking the pressure off and revisiting your original goal later will give you a chance to figure out what you’re really in it for without risking injury.

Relax.  Odds are there won’t be someone waiting at the finish with a check to reward you for all the hard work.  Don’t take your training too seriously.  Remember to laugh.  Keep training fun by taking it lightly.  Yes, it’s good for you but your life doesn’t depend on completing that Ironman.  A sprint tri and a few cocktails with friends is probably better.  Balance your workouts with everyday life things, not worrying about missed sessions or that last split.

Race more.  Adding a few 5k races to your marathon training plan or a duathlon to your Olympic triathlon schedule will give you a break from your routine, give you a chance to gauge your progress and hang out with some other runners.  Find a race here to keep training fun, there’s one every weekend!

Change sports.  Have you been running and running and running so much it’s a chore?  Maybe your body and mind are craving something else.  Try hitting the weight room or a month of spinning classes.  Just like rechecking your goal, switching up the main activity you practice or learning something new can be just what your body and mind need to keep training fun and avoid overtraining.

Use these tips to keep training fun for the entire length of your program and hit your next fitness goal with ease.

Coach Meredith

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