4 Winter Workout Adjustments

Winter workout adjustments are a common challenge for all fitness enthusiasts, especially runners.  Facing less daylight and frigid temperatures, one positive is not having to worry about a potential heat stroke during a run and there’s always jumping on a treadmill to make the sun and weather a non-factor.  Here’s the thing about the treadmill: it is boring.  The scenery doesn’t change indoors and the never changing surface can pound your legs extra hard but instead of bailing out because weather prevents you from hitting the pavement, give one of these winter workout adjustments a try.

Find an office building, apartment building or stadium and start running stairs.  Sure to get your heart rate up, this winter workout adjustment will put your legs to work.  Steeper than most winter workout adjustmentshills, a staircase builds both power and strength.  Here are a few ways to get your heart pumping inside this winter.

Try taking a spin class.  Indoor cycling is a fast, intense workout for any level of runner.  This winter workout adjustment will help increase cardiovascular fitness while improving run-specific elements like cadence and leg strength.  This form of non-impact interval training is also a great way to recover from races or a hard treadmill session.

Team FitNice’s favorite snow bound cardio workout?  Rowing!  Rowing is a full body workout that will make your lungs, heart and muscles work hard.  This low-impact winter workout adjustment can strength the sore, increase hamstring flexibility and improve posture, all of which mean better running efficiency.  Like working on a spin bike or wearing proper shoes, the winter workout adjustmentsmost important part of any rowing workout is to make sure you’re using correct form.  Learn it here.

Finally, give jumping over a rope a try.  Jumping rope is a fantastic workout that will burns calories and tone the muscles in your legs.  Jumping rope can also be lower impact for ankles, knees and hips than jogging or running when performed correctly.  Proper jump roping form means staying up on your toes and allowing your joints do the shock absorbing job they’re meant to.  Jumping rope can help teach you to be light on your feet and is a great way to interval train.  Here are three good jump rope workout ideas.

If you’re used to listening to the sounds of nature, like passing cars or barking dogs, while you exercise, throw on your iPod or some headphones connected to the gym’s TVs to help keep you in the zone.  Winter is a great time to explore cross training options, so try lots of different things and figure out what works best for you!

For help with your winter workout adjustments or customized winter training schedule, email Info@FitNicePT.com or fill out the form below!

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