6 Reasons You Need Personal Training

Personal training is one of the best choices you can make in a world where there are always new and exciting trends to help you reach your next fitness goal.  There are many benefits you can get exclusively from a personal trainer, and here are just a few of them:scale

Personal attention.  Not all plans work for all people.  Starting in a group can be intimidating if you have a big weight loss goal or are self concious about your abilities.  One on one personal training situations are private and provide a totally customized program to help you reach any goal you have, whether it’s weight loss, strength training or simply being able to move into a group program without the fear of being judged.

Accountability.  As long as you pay, your big box group instructor probably doesn’t care all that much if you show up because they have plenty of other people to teach in that same hour.  When you’ve invested in a personal training, the trainer has also made an investment in you.  You and your trainer are a team, and it’s hard to progress when only half of the team turns out to practice.  Having someone count on you is a great way to stay on track and maintain motivation.

Technique/form.  Group situations make it hard to keep a close eye on every participant.  Especially when you start to fatigue towards the end of a workout, your form can suffer and your risk for injury increases.  Personal training gives you a one on one situation where you can be sure a watchful eye is protecting your safety at all times.

personal trainingMax benefit, less time.  Sure, you can easily spend an hour a day working out, probably even longer, but with everything that goes on in life, there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing.  A personal trainer designs a program for you that can include short workouts on busy days and ensure you get a good workout in regardless of your time constraints.

Flexibility.  What if your schedule doesn’t always match the gym’s?  One of the great things about personal training is the flexibility.  Trainers have schedules that work easily with yours, rather than making you squeeze the gym’s calendar into your day before or after work.  Let’s face it, there are lots of other things most of us would rather be doing and the simpler it is to put gym time into your day, the more likely you are to stick with it.personal training

Sport specific training.  If you’re working towards a sport related goal or trying to improve your performance, large group programs might be able to help you get stronger and faster, but they probably won’t help you develop the skills you need to excel in your desired discipline.  Becoming a top level athlete takes very specific training programs that are tailored exactly to an athlete’s needs, and personal training is the best way to get one.

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