Crock Pot Roast

Pot roast is a hearty, warm and filling winter dinner dish that everyone loves.  Here’s Team FitNice’s low maintenance recipe for pot roast that’s done in the slow cooker or a crock pot.  Using low fat cuts of meat and reduced sodium ingredients, this roast is not only good for you, it tastes good, too!  With a simple recipe that makes meat so flavorful, juicy and tender it falls apart, this healthy pot roast is a wonderful way to refuel after a hard workout or get ready for your next one.

Servings: 6-8
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 6.5 hours
Difficulty: 3

3-4 lb rump round roastpot roastpot roast
1/2 cup beef broth
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoons flour
2 teaspoons paprika
1 whole, diced yellow onion
3-4 carrots, peeled and sliced
2-3 Yukon gold potatoes, peeled and cubedpot roast

1) Remove thawed meat from package and pour excess juice into crock pot.
2) Braise beef with salt, pepper and flour rub, about 4 minutes on each side.
3) Place meat in crock pot with onion and beef broth, top with paprika.
4) Put crock pot on low (we use a six hour cook time setting) for four hourspot roast
5) At four hours, add potatoes and carrots
6) Cook on low for an additional 2.5 hours
7) At the 6.5 hour mark, remove roast and blend drippings with flour and water to make gravy.

Notes: If drippings aren’t available, use beef stock to make gravy.  We use rump round roast, Yukon gold potatoes, paprika and low sodium beef stock because they’re our favorites, but you don’t have to!pot roastThere it is!  Mix in your own flavors or stick with ours to enjoy this low fat and delicious pot roast that’s good for you at your dinner table all winter long.

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