Cut Carbs with Healthy Choices

Everyone wants to make healthy choices and knows processed carbohydrates like white bread and pasta are ‘bad’.  Whole grains are always preferable to refined grains, because the ‘whiter’ the grain, the more processed it is, and the higher in sugar and lower in fiber it will be.  Fiber is an integral part of our diets, helping slow the absorption of other nutrients, making us feel full longer and steadying blood sugar levels.  You can easily substitute the pasta, white rice or bread in your meal with some of these fiber-rich, better for you, ingredients.  Filling and nutritious, these three healthy choices will leave you with a satisfied tummy and healthy body.

QuinoaquinoaQuinoa is a grain-like plant that has edible seeds and humans have been harvesting this healthy plant product for thousands of years.  A great source of complete protein, it is also a good source of dietary fiber and calcium.  Prepared just like brown rice, quinoa is a quick and easy to addition to any meal.  You can find plenty of recipes for your next dish with quinoa here!

Amaranth – High in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, amaranth is a grain similar to quinoa in that it has been a part of the human diet for thousands of years.  With close to 15% more protein than other grains, amaranth is a naturally gluten-free, complete protein food with plenty of fiber.  Cooked like rice, it’s important to know that amaranth requires lots of extra water for the starch it releases while cooking.  One of our favorite recipes, amaranth banana walnut bread, is a great way to work this healthy grain into your diet.

Sweet Potatoes – One of Mother Nature’s healthiest foods, sweet potatosweet potatoes are good for you, and they taste pretty OK too.  A great way to get dietary fiber, beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, iron and magnesium, sweet potatoes can be anything from orange to bright purple on the inside.  Unlike quinoa and amaranth, which are always prepared by boiling in water, sweet potatoes are versatile.  This carrot and sweet potato soup, delicious any time of year, is one of our favorites and we recommend giving it a try!  Roasted, mashed, boiled or grilled, these tubers are a healthy choice you don’t want to miss.

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