Dining Out? 5 Tips to Stay on Track

Dining out is a popular past time, and even when you’re on a fantastic, widely varied meal plan, sometimes getting out of the house just sounds good.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a meal away from home once or twice a week, but unfortunately, dining out can add anywhere from a few to a couple hundred calories to your daily intake, with an average dining outof 135 additional calories per meal, that might climb even higher if you add sugar and carb loaded alcoholic beverages.  Here are 5 tips from Team FitNice that will help you beat the restaurant over-eating blues.

1.  Read the menu closely.  Read each menu option and pick those that are grilled, broiled or baked rather than fried and breaded.  Watch for, and avoid, words like creamy and buttered, which usually mean lots of high fat content dairy products are used in the food’s preparation.

2.  Ask questions.  Ask your server if it’s possible to make changes to meals.  Substitute sides, such as steamed seasonal vegetables for fries, or cooking methods by asking for grilled rather than fried chicken and fish.

3.  Think small.  Choose small portions.  Many menus now offer low calorie options dining outthat feature smaller portions and heart healthy combinations.  Try tapas, mixing many small dishes together and sharing with the table to keep consumption down or even consider ordering a child size dinner.

4.  Get a box.  Ask for a box to be delivered with your meal and box one third to one half of it up before you dig in.  Restaurant portions are often good for two to three servings, and rather than letting what you haven’t finished get thrown out, take it home for later.

5.  Order a salad.  A leafy, green salad is filling and will help keep you from overeating.  Ordering it with the dressing on the side can keep fat content even lower and consider skipping the cheese while asking for extra vegetables.

Use these tips when you’re dining out and stay on track with your meal, diet or weight loss plan.  Want help with your meal plan?  Ask us!  Email Info@FitNicePT or fill out the form below.

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