Get 2014 Resolution Ready

Does your 2014 Resolution involve fitness, wellness or other health related goal?  If so, one of the hardest challenges you’ll face the first few weeks of the new year will be sticking with it.  Any gym regular can tell you they dread the first few weeks of January.  Why?  The gym is packed with people they know won’t be around in February.  These newbies often have poor gym etiquette, do exercises incorrectly and prevent those who know what they want to do, and how to do it, from getting the workout they want.  Succeed with your 2014 Resolution and blend in with the members who aren’t getting their first month free by following these tips from Team FitNice.2014 resolution

Set reasonable goals you can work with.  “I want to lose weight” is very vague, while “I want to lose 20 pounds” is very well defined.  It’s hard to stay motivated when you continually miss your goal, don’t have a deadline or can’t measure progress.  It’s incredibly important to set small, incremental, step by step goals like “I want to lose 2 pounds per week” which are specific, measurable and time oriented.  Especially if you’re working towards a big weight loss or sport specific 2014 Resolution goal, consider getting help from a personal trainer or other fitness professional.  You can also learn more about setting achievable goals right here.

Exercise Choices
Choose exercises you are comfortable with and enjoy.  If you don’t like what you’re doing, there’s no way you’re going back for more.  Don’t be afraid to try different things, not 2014 resolutionevery mode of working out is right for everyone.  Lots of women aren’t looking forward to Olympic Lifting, and men typically aren’t heading to Zumba, but there are tons of activities out there.  Try Crossfit, spinning, kickboxing, yoga, pilates or boot camp.  What if you like more than one gym, studio or workout?  That’s great news.  You’ll meet tons of people, make new friends and never get bored.

The gym regulars can be sticklers.  New members can sometimes feel uncomfortable in a new environment and without a professional, like a personal trainer, by their side, can make a mess of their first few trips to a new gym.  Achieve your 2014 Resolution goal and be comfortable in the gym by remembering to share, or ‘work in’, on equipment, clean equipment off and put it back where it came from when you’re finished and refrain from grunting and groaning while working out.  One of the best ways to learn proper etiquette is to spend your first few trips to the gym with a personal trainer.  There is always someone working in the gym, and no matter what they’re doing, they’ll probably be willing to help, so don’t be afraid to ask.  And remember, everyone was new once.

Now you’re ready to go!  Set your 2014 Resolution Goal, try a few different fitness outlets and accomplish anything.

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