Going For A Winter Spin Class

When it’s cold, windy, snowy and altogether no fun to be outside, lots of people look for indoor workout alternatives.  For most runners and cyclists, a heavy weight lifting regimen isn’t an appropriate substitute for normal workouts and while an indoor pool is always a good workout, swimming in a community pool doesn’t appeal to everyone.  Regular stationary bikes are clunky and boring.  What’s a runner to do?  Try a spin class!  Indoor cycling is a wonderful workout that provides many of the same benefits a good run can.

Maintain or increase fitness.  Spin class often involves lots of variety in pace and spin classresistance, which is great for challenging your cardiovascular system.  Making your legs work harder to pedal against more resistance or increase tempo not only gets muscles burning, but raises your heart rate.  A higher heart rate, and the interval work that’s a big part of spin class, are fantastic ways to increase your lactic acid threshold.  Stronger legs and a higher lactic acid threshold mean longer runs with less fatigue, and that’s a great thing.

Avoid injury.  Spin class strengthens muscles required for running without the impact on hips, knees and ankles that running produces.  It’s possible to simulate a long run, tempo work and even hills on a stationary spin bike, which is especially handy during icy winter months.  Running hills can be incredibly dangerous in the ice and snow, and if you’re prepping for that BQ race, an injury isn’t on the menu.  Build quad strength without risking a fall by taking a spin class.

Cadence.  The more efficient you are at pedaling in a spin class, the more power you’ll put out and the faster you’ll go.  The same thing goes for runners.  The less time each foot spends in contact with the ground, the faster your body will travel.  One of the best ways to improve race times is to increase leg turnover rates, and if you get your legs used to spin classmoving fast on a bike, they’ll want to move fast on the ground, too.  An added bonus?  The less time your feet spend hitting the ground, the more likely you are to stay injury free.

Team FitNice loves Virginia Beach’s Tidal Wheel.  A heart pumping, full body spin class is sure to get you going and will complement your winter training plan perfectly.  Check out their class schedule and reserve a bike today!

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