Healthy Holidays – Labor Day

Healthy holidays are hard work.  Parties, treats and travel making eating right and exercising an added challenge bu Labor Day is swiftly approaching and with it come back to school, football, cross-country and a brand new series of PR opportunities.  One of the best ways you can get ready for a great fall season is to stick with your healthy holidays plan over one of the biggest party weekends of the year.

Here are a few ideas to help you have healthy holidays from one Labor Day to the next!

Plan to exercise.  Healthy holidays are easy when you find a way to fit a long walk on the beach into your day or play a few games of backyard football with family.  If you’re traveling, check out a new gym or use MapMyRun to discover an awesome new running trail.healthy holidays

Make good choices.  Survey buffets, know what your choices are then step back and make good ones.  Choose fresh veggies over baked beans from a can or an extra slice of sweet watermelon over a chocolate chip cookie.

Bring your own!  Bring your own dish to the barbecue.  Healthy holidays don’t require much thinking if you’ve prepared it yourself.  You know what’s in the dish, how much you can safely eat and it’s a great way to learn and share recipes with friends.

Go easy on the sugar.  With parties all over the place, healthy holidays can easily get derailed by too much alcohol.  Full of sugar, booze can take a weekend full of good food choices right off track.  Two sugary glasses of wine, a few empty carb filled beers or even indulging in a mixed drink full of soda can quickly add many unwanted calories to your day.

Take these tips to your next Labor Day bash and you’ll be guaranteed to have healthy holidays for years to come.

Coach Meredith

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