How to Eat More and Weigh Less

Want to eat more and shed body fat?  Yes, it is possible to eat more food while simultaneously shedding pounds, and you can do it.  eat moreWeight loss boils down to taking in fewer calories than you burn, creating a calorie deficiency, but it doesn’t always mean tofu and hunger.  Changing the foods you eat can dramatically shape weight loss patterns and doing so is probably easier than you think.  The word diet is often associated with fads, such as Atkins or South Beach, and that’s unfortunate.  Including proper foods, meal planning and good choices are important elements of a good, healthy, lifelong diet, and there’s nothing faddish about that.  If you pick the right foods, you can easily eat more while you begin to weigh less.

Picking the right foods can be challenging, and choosing foods that are filling, without being high in calories is even harder.  Here are a few tips to help you leave the supermarket with a cart full of delicious, filling foods.  Select foods that are rich in fiber.  Dietary fiber will help you feel full, and keep everything in your gut moving.  Fruits and veggies are rich in fiber, but also high in water content, which can aid with hydration, digestion and satiety.  It’s easy to eat more fruits and vegetables by adding them to almost any meal, especially salads and eat moresandwiches.  Cut up carrots, apples or celery to dip in low-fat dressings or peanut butter and keep them in ready-to-go containers in the fridge for healthy, easy to eat snacks.

In addition to adding fruits and vegetables to your snack routine, try to replace corn chips or salty, fatty potato chips with air popped popcorn that’s just as tasty and will be more satisfying.  Switch out the rice in recipes for quinoa and trade iceberg lettuce for kale to increase fiber and eat more good for you foods that make you feel full.  The benefit of swapping out unhealthy, non-filling foods with those that make you feel stuffed is that sticking with a weight loss plan is much easier to do when you enjoy the things you eat, and even more so if they’re delicious and filling.

The extra bonus of switching to filling, good-for-you food while working to shed fat is that you’ll learn to like these foods best, and any worries about regaining the weight will slip away.

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