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12 Jan 2016 – Learn more about blood testing for improved performance here, including why Coach Meredith thinks it might be for you.

25 August 2015 – Hill running is tough!  Here are a few expert tips, including several from Coach Meredith!

5 June 2015 – Coach Meredith had her blog featured when she contributed to this piece about race management conflicts on RunHaven.

15 September 2014 – Here’s one of Coach Meredith favorite at home exercises, along with a few others that don’t require any equipment from Daily Makeover.

13 January 2014 – Coach Meredith kicked off the new year doing an interview with Business Interviews, check out what she has to say about FitNicePT right here!

29 December 2013 – Coach Meredith shared a few tips for gym newcomers with, check out her advice along with other great tips right here.

26 December 2013 – The Resolution Solution was released on and features Coach Meredith’s advice for staying on track in the new year (Location 388 of 1007 on your Cloud Reader).

7 November 2013 – Coach Meredith paired up with Lady Lux to bring their readers 10 Ways to Become a Better Runner.  Check out the piece’s wonderful advice and become a better runner today!

23 October 2013 – FitNicePT partnered with the United States College Athletic Association’s Fitness Focus to bring student athletes even more great wellness information.  Look at both Volume 1, Issues 1 and 4 to see what FitNicePT contributed!

8 October 2013 – Coach Meredith helped LiveStrong develop these tips for keeping you motivated to run.  Check out her input on Slide 9 and get started!  17 Proven Motivations to Get You Running

25 September 2013 – FitNicePT partnered with the United States College Athletic Association to help their student athletes have a healthy start to their days.  Check out the first issue of Fitness Focus right here!

13 August 2013 – Coach Meredith was a featured blogger during RunChat’s month of runners.  Check her out here!

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