Stay Fit While You Travel

Travel is one of the most fun things you can do with time off from work.  Whether you drive or fly, there are lots of things you can do to make sure you stay on track with your fitness goals.  It can be tough to get back into a fitness routine after a vacation helped you missed a few days in the gym.  The key to avoiding this problem is sticking with it for the duration of your trip.  You don’t have to work out each and every day, but keeping only one or two days between workouts will help you get right back in the groove when you get home.

Stay on track with your diet.  Remember the 80-20 rule and find healthy choices while you travel.  Relaxing your mind and body doesn’t have to mean relaxing your diet rules.

Pack for activity.  DVDs, resistance bands and tubes are small enough to fit in any carry on and can help you workout anywhere.  Check out these recommendations for a little help with your travel fitness strategy.

Schedule activities.  Find out what there is to do in your destination.  Try a new class in vibrant New York City, go for a horseback ride in Wyoming, walk through wine country in Napa or scuba dive in Honolulu.  Canoeing, skiing, dancing and even a long sight seeing walk will help keep you moving forward.

Use your hotel.  Yes, they’re usually small, but hotel gyms give you a little space to move around.  Most hold stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and weight machines and some have quite modern, state of the art facilities.  Hotels pools you can swim in, and they have lots of stairs that are always available to be walked or run up for a fast, effective workout.

Expect to have a tough first few days back.  Your body might still be recovering from jet lag or overindulging in food and drink.  Your muscles need a chance to get back in gear, too.

Take these tips with you when you’re on the road and you’re sure to stay fit.  Want help planning your out of town fitness routine?  We’re here!  Email us at!

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