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Fitness Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is an ancient tradition hat has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years, and there’s a good reason why.  Practicing meditation brings with it numerous health benefits.  Especially for busy professionals, parents and students in today’s hectic world, mediation can be a much needed time of peace and quiet.  Taking time, whether an hour or only ten minutes, to center yourself and become genuinely aware of the world around you has a myriad of benefits.  Team FitNice loves to meditate, and here are a few of the wonderful reasons why.meditation

Relaxing is good for us.  Stress triggers a fight-flight response that causes increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and tightening muscles.  It also pushes things like digestion and immunity aside, but when we relax, our bodies can function without stress, allowing our immune and digestive systems to work properly.

Increased immunity.  People who lead very stressful lives, without regular sleep and proper diet, tend to be under the weather more often than those who participate in meditation consistently.  Moving away from a fight-flight response through meditation means increased blood and oxygen flow and a more powerful immune system.

Decreased depression and emotional balance.  A dose of meditation can go a long way towards relieving depression and creating a more emotionally balanced state.  Anxiety is decreased while focusing on meditation, unwinding the mind and aiding in stress management by providing time to think through problems.

Lower blood pressure.  A fight-flight response to stress leads to increased blood pressure through a raise in heart and respiratory rates.  When meditating, stress is removed, and benefits of meditationthe body can return to its normal, relaxed state which leads to lower respiratory and heart rates as well as a decrease in blood pressure.

Meditation can occur in any variety of settings, from a silent, dark room to simply sitting at your work desk, closing your eyes and concentrating on breathing for a minute.  Meditation is even possible while running.  By removing your musical device, letting your surroundings slip away and paying attention to nothing but your breath, your rhythm and your emotions, you’ll immediately find more mental clarity.

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