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More Fun Exercises

It’s Monday and we hope you had a wonderful weekend.  October starts tomorrow, and there isn’t a better time to mix up your exercise routine than by adding something new.  Today’s additions to our Exercise Demonstration page include Single Leg Burpees, Hand Release Push-Ups and, always a favorite, 8 Count Burpees.  Each of these exercises will help you get stronger, burn calories and challenge your muscles in new ways.

Single Leg Burpee

The Single Leg Burpee is similar to a plain Burpee, in that you simply fall down and get up.  The additional challenges comes from being able to use only one leg to get back up.  Unlike plain Burpees, you do not have to put your chest on the ground and can keep your shoulders in a plank position.  These will really have your quads, hamstrings and glutes firing and are great for burning calories.

Hand Release Push-Up

One of FitNicePT‘s favorites, the Hand Release Push-Up is a great tool for building shoulder, chest and core strength.  Starting in normal Push-Up position, lowering the chest to the floor and picking your hands up off of it ensures a full range of motion and prevents stopping short.  This exercise can be modified by starting in regular push-up position, putting the knees on the ground during the downward and upward parts of the movement and finishing back in regular Push-Up position in a high plank.

8 Count Burpee

An 8 Count Burpee has a myriad of benefits and will not only help you burn tons of calories, but build leg, arm and core strength as well.  The 8 counts are 1-hands down, 2-feet back, 3-downward portion of a push-up, 4-upward portion of a push-up, 5-jumping feet out wide, 6-bringing the feet back together, 7-bringing feet to hands and 8-finishing with a jump.

Give all three of these exercises a try and put a new challenge into your Fall Workouts!  Good luck and enjoy.