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Youth Fitness for Summer

It’s only February, and everyone is preparing for Spring Break, but remember, planning is paramount to having a successful June, July and August, too.  It can be hard to keep kids active, with video games, busy parent schedules, and boredom fighting against it during the long summer vacation.  With school sports teams and independent soccer, lacrosse, and baseball leagues keep them busy during the school year, kids tend to be more active from September to May.  The break from early mornings and homework at the end of June are a welcome reprieve for children, but all the new free time can lead to the development of some bad habits.  Guidelines suggest 60 minutes of physical activity each day, and to make sure your child stays active and continues to eat right, here are a few suggestions for a healthy summer.

Camps and youth fitness classes are offered at gyms and YMCAs for a variety of price points and schedules with everything from hourly classes to six week overnight adventures.  Find one that works for your wallet and your schedule then get signed up.  Camps provide physical, educational and social activities, which keeps brains working all year long.  They are also a safe environment with proper supervision and can help parents rest assured their family isn’t going to get into trouble.

Try to exercise as a family.  With lots of sunlight during long summer days, take an after dinner walk together or have dinner a little later and head out for a bike ride beforehand.  Taking adventure vacations can be a great way to get your child interested in hiking, mountain biking or swimming and bond as a family.  This time of year is good opportunity to start a new habit that everyone can be excited about continuing then school starts again, too.

Writing a list of favorite activities and posting it somewhere easy to see will give children a bank of ideas that doesn’t include TV or an iPad, and having the right equipment nearby will make it even easier for them to get up and move around.  Keep a jump rope, hula hoop and basketball handy at home and plan your days.   Planning each day will also help keep kids active by putting time limits on sedentary activities and helping them get out the door.  Schedule time to read and do other educational activities as well.  Kids who exercise get more oxygen to their brain and better mood states than those who don’t, so take advantage of the increase brain power and keep kids learning.

The most important thing to remember is that children are best led by a great example.  It’s important that Mom, Dad and siblings make healthy, active choices too.  For tips on Youth Fitness or to get your family started on a Summer Fitness Program, contact us at Info@FitNicePT.com!