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Change Your View, Change Your Outcome

We’re well into the new year and you may have noticed lots of those new people from a few weeks ago are now missing on the gym floor.  These individuals had the wrong approach to hitting their goals.  They likely didn’t look for coaching, a plan or a goal to reach for.  They set a resolution and decided to exercise in 2015.  Unfortunately, there’s a big difference between exercising and training and no one told them that changing your view can dramatically change your outcome.change your outcome

Exercise can be a chore.  It isn’t a whole lot of fun.  It’s boring.  It’s probably the same thing every single time.  Exercise can be goal oriented but often doesn’t revolve around a goal that is SMART or well defined.  There isn’t particularly a plan when you walk through the gym’s doors to exercise and that can spell disaster.  While it is possible to see progress through simply exercising, odds are you’ll end up taking one step back for every two forward and be pretty close to where you started in year’s a time.  Exercise doesn’t usually come with a nutrition plan based on what kind of activity you’ll be engaged in or a proper recovery plan, all of which can hamper progress and prevent success.  Exercise doesn’t push you to try new things.  Exercise is all about right now.  I’ll sweat now.  I’ll burn calories now.  Change your outcome, or lack thereof, by starting to train.

Training, in contrast, is not about now.  It is much more than ‘physical activity’.  A training program has a definitive moment when you will be tested at some point in the future.  There is a deadline and a plan.  A training program designed to help you reach an attainable goal in a reasonable amount of time will have structure and focus.  It will have accountability through check-ins, periodic testing and a nutritional element.  You will do things you don’t enjoy so you can have success at what you love.  Your workouts will be efficient and effective every single day.  Work and social engagements will not prevent you from doing a day’s workout.  And you will see progress, no matter what your goal is.

Making the choice to change your outcome means deciding to stop exercising and start training.  Set a specific goal and become better.  Track your workouts, be efficient with your time in the gym, fuel your body properly and take each workout seriously.  You don’t have to be an athlete, you just have to think like one.

Coach Meredith