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6 Ways to Make Fitness Fun in 2015

Last week I wrote about making commitments instead of resolutions to have success in this new year.  To make your commitment stick, it’s important that you find a way to make fitness fun.  When you enjoy what you’re doing, you’ll to look forward to workouts and have better results than if heading to the gym is a total drag.  How do you make fitness fun?  Here are six tips to get you started!

Plan a fitness vacation.  Run your first half marathon in a state you haven’t visited before.  make fitness funHike the Grand Canyon.  Take the Boulder Outdoor Survival School challenge.  Scheduling a big challenge with friends and family keeps enthusiasm high, makes training more fun and gives you something to celebrate for many years to come.

Track your training.  Writing down your workout, how you felt, how far you ran or how much you lifted in a notebook each day makes it easy to see your progress even when you can’t neccessarily feel it.  You can even use an app such as The Fitness Games to help you track your sessions.  Seeing your progress will make it easy to stay positive on tough days and only lead to more success.

Train with your significant other.  Even if you don’t do every workout, training run or yoga class together, getting your partner involved is a great way to make fitness fun.  Don’t worry if you’re not on the same level Connecting through exercise is a great way to build a strong body and a strong relationship.

Try something new.  It might be a few months before you’re ready for that fitness vacation but you can get excited right now.  Reach out to friends for ideas on a new gym, group class or workout to try.  Mix it up all year long by branching out once each month.   You might find something new to love and your body will thank you for the challenges.

Be flexible.  Stressing out about getting a workout in can do make fitness completely un-fun.    Allowing flexibility in your schedule might mean a quick bodyweight workout at home instead of a trip to the yoga studio, trading the road for a treadmill, even taking a different day off than you planned.  Doing any workout is better than nothing at all and a few missed miles aren’t going to derail your training.

Reward yourself.  When you look at your workout tracking book and see how far you’ve come, give yourself a pat on the back.  Get those new running tights you’ve been dreaming about, treat yourself to a massage or spa day, maybe even book that fitness vacation.

Try these 6 ways to make fitness fun in 2015 and see just how much you can accomplish.

Coach Meredith

How do you plan to make fitness fun in 2015?