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Racing with Obstacles

Obstacle races are getting bigger by the minute.  Spartan Run, Savage Race, Tough Mudder, Metro Dash, GoRuck, the list can go on and on.  No matter how long the list gets, these ‘races’ all have something special in common.  Each event involves a lot more than simply running as fast as you can from point A to point B and often creates the need for you and your fellow participants to work together, rather than compete against one another.

You can train to run faster by running harder, longer, or both.  You can train to get stronger by lifting weights.  To be successful in an obstacle race, you need stamina, strength, coordination and maybe even a little strategy.  You need to maintain your strength for the given distance so you can be sure to make it over the massive cargo net or belly crawl through the mud.

To get ready for your event, look at the types of obstacles you might face.  Most races announce what you’ll be jumping over, running through, and sliding under, giving you the opportunity to be prepared the best you can after the start, and knowing you have the ability to complete each obstacle and a plan to cross the finish line are integral to success.

See a big wall you’ll have to climb on the map?  Practice pull-ups and hanging, find a jungle gym and use it!  Going to have to get on your belly and pass under barbed wire?  Get on the floor and start crawling.  Carrying something, or someone, with you?  Grab two heavy objects and walk around holding them.  If there are going to be jumps, hurdles or walls to scale, jump around.  Adding power exercises to your workout will help you clear these things without as much strain, and even though no one loves burpees, they’ll help you get ready.  These courses are meant to be unpredictable and are never the same twice, so have fun getting ready and don’t worry about a strict exercise schedule, you’ll want to keep your workouts mixed up.

The best way to prepare for success is to plan on going out to have fun.  You won’t be racing for a prize purse, so grab you friends and make memories.  Bringing a buddy or 10 with you will help you power through a tough course with a little laughter and lots of support, no matter where you are in your training.

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