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Spring Cleaning

As the weather slowly warms up, the outdoors become a manageable place to work out again, and thoughts start heading to summer.  It’s also time for Spring Cleaning.  This is the best time of year to change your fitness and nutrition routine, and here’s why:  Merriam-Webster defines spring as a time to “grow, to begin, or to come into being.”  While you’re cleaning out the closets and attic, take the chance to clean out your fridge and organize the kitchen, or to put all the clothes hanging on your treadmill in their proper place.

Cleaning out your fridge and organizing the kitchen is a key part of making a change in your diet.  Getting the processed, fatty foods out of the way makes plenty of room for nice fresh spring vegetables like asparagus and fruits such as strawberries.  With less clutter when you open the door, healthy choices will jump out at you and those salads will taste better than ever.  One big benefit of changing up the contents of your ice box is the chance to refill it with lean meats and fresh vegetables for the grill.  You can also limit the severity of typical spring allergies with your diet.  Consuming less dairy and sugar will prevent mucus from becoming thick and allowing allergens like pollen to get stuck in your body.  With all sorts of tasty ingredients handy and a nice neat kitchen, cooking a healthy meal this spring will be a piece of cake.

Spring is also a time to throw some variety into your exercise routine.  Bike trails are open and, hopefully, dry, plus the foliage hasn’t come grown in enough to make the paths overgrown.  Running trails that feature fitness stations are a great place to get pumped up during March and April.  You can head onto the beach for a session, and since the boardwalk isn’t crowded with tourists, it’s a welcoming and scenic spot for an evening walk with the family.  If you aren’t quite ready to head outside, gyms often change class schedules with the season, so you have a chance to get out and try something different that fits right into your day.  With all the healthy eating, you’ll start to lose weight and feel better, and that makes something new a lot friendlier.

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