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4 Ways to Hit Your 2016 Goals

A new year is right around the corner and there’s nothing more exciting than the prospect of setting a goal to go after for the next 365 days.  Setting 2016 goals will give your fitness program direction while also helping keep it on track throughout the year.  Here are four tips to help you kick off 2016 with a bang then keep it going.2016 goals

Go big (and small).  Setting big 2016 goals is great.  Unfortunately, big goals are often intimidating and failing to reach them in a hurry can lead to disappointment and frustration.  Make sure your big 2016 goal can be broken down into smaller, step-wise ones that will help you stay motivated when the going gets tough.

Find a friend.  Everything is more fun with a buddy!  Even if you don’t have the same 2016 goals having a partner to run, lift, swim, bike or yoga with has lots of benefits.  Friends provide accountability and motivation on tough days and make celebrating an accomplishment that much more exciting.

Journal.  Start keeping a journal of your workouts.  Label it 2016 Goals and fill in each day with what you did to get closer to reaching them.  Not only is a journal a great way to track progress, it’s something to look back at to see how far you’ve come when you’re feeling tired or upset after a bad day.  Be sure to include lifestyle changes in your daily notes.  It’s hard to train for a marathon when you’re not getting enough sleep or eating the right things.  Include how much you sleep, how you feel, what you ate and other external factors in your journal to see how those factors can change your ability to perform.

Lifestyle.  A big factor in reach the 2016 goals you’ve set is how you support the body that getting you there.  Ensure you’re getting enough sleep to recover, try cutting out most of your alcohol intake and increasing the amount of whole foods eat.  Setting a routine and sticking to it can be challenging but when you cross that finish line, it’ll be worth all the hard work.

Happy New Year!!!

Coach Meredith