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Yes, Women Should Lift Heavy Weights

Women should lift heavy weights. 

It’s true.  Every woman can benefit from lifting women should liftweights.  Get together with a fitness professional to help ease gym anxieties and learn how to work with bars, plates and dumbbells so you can reap these five awesome benefits of lifting heavy weights.

1.  Build muscle faster.  Moving serious pounds builds muscle faster than using little weights, and that means more definition.  Doing 8-12 reps with a heavier weight will be more effective and time efficient than 50 reps of a very light weight.  The best part?  There’s no reason to be afraid you might ‘bulk up’ or ‘get big’.  Because women have low testosterone levels, their muscles aren’t programmed to get huge.  Unless you’re following a seriously tough Olympic strength training system and eating a very strict diet, ladies have nothing to worry about.

2.  Increase bone density and decrease risk of osteoporosis.  While any weight bearing activity can aid in maintaining bone strength and density, studies have shown women should lift weights to help prevent bone fractures and possibly even build new bone.  Strength training also improves balance and coordination which means you’re less likely to fall and get hurt.

women should lift3.  Burn more calories.  Muscle burns more calories than fat, but there’s more to it than simply having more of one than the other.  Women should lift heavy weights because it tears the working muscles down.  The body has to work for hours after you finish a workout to repair those muscles, making your muscles more defined and burning calories all day long.  The elliptical?  Not so much.

4.  Prevent injury.  Strengthening the muscles around joints gives those joints more support.  When they have support, joints are steadier and stronger, making them less likely to become hurt.  Strength training also moves joints through a full range of motion, keeping them lubricated and loose.  Cardio can’t always do that.

5.  Have more energy and reduce stress.  Working out is a great stress reliever, add in some weights you can move around and it’s an even better one.  Women will also get an energy boost after a workout, from the increased oxygen expenditure (EPOC) that’s part of your body’s post-session recovery.  A weight lifting session will also make you feel awesome about yourself, giving you confidence and something you can definitely be proud of.

There are five wonderful reasons women should lift heavy weights, but there are plenty more.  Find your motivation, get together with a fitness professional and start getting stronger today!

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