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Summer Training: Stay Motivated

It might be hot and humid out but motivation can still evaporate in an instant.  Summer training can be a daunting task full of challenges you don’t face in cooler weather, even if you’re inside.  In addition to the weather conditions, kids that are home from school, the beach or pool calling, vacations and family events all make summer training tough.  Stay motivated and on track the next few months with these tips for pushing through the barbeques and heat waves.

Register for a race.  A light at the end of your summer training tunnel is a great way to keep moving forward when it’s sticky outside.  Make it a fun race, a goal race or a race distance you’ve never run before and you’ll look forward to training.  For even more help with your summer training, work with a coach or join a running group.  Having a buddy or three makes every workout safer and a little more fun.

Set a goal.  While registering for a race automatically sets up a goal for your summer training, it’s not the only option.  Set a goal to walk two miles every night after dinner with your family or complete a certain number of miles by Labor day.  Having your spouse, children, parents or summer trainingroommates on board with your plan will help each workout fly by as you build memories that can last a lifetime.

Change location.  Try taking your summer training to the beach or the trails.  Exploring a new spot will make you excited to get out there and run, hike or bike your miles each day.  You might find a route you want to stick with all year!

Prepare and prevent.  More important then any summer training goal you have is staying safe.  Heat stroke and dehydration are serious health concerns when temperatures are high and humidity limits your body’s ability to cool itself.  Run on shaded paths, avoid outdoor sessions in direct sunlight, stick to early morning or evening hours when it’s cooler out.  Wear light colored clothing along with a hat or visor to reflect sunlight and protect your eyes.  Pack plenty of sunblock and water.  Freezing wet towels or packing a cooler with ice is another great way to make sure you’ll stay cool and hydrated on hot days.

Respect the weather.  The hotter and more humid it is, the less able your body is to keep you cool.  Gradually build up to your normal workout length giving your body time to adjust to the tougher conditions of summer training.  Add extra water breaks, slow your pace down and pay close attention to what your body is telling you when it’s hot out.  You can even consider keeping your hard workouts indoors.

Stay safe and on track to rock your fall event with these tips for summer training.

Coach Meredith

5 Tips to Prepare for Summer Workouts

The warmer weather is coming and it can play a big factor in your training, racing and overall fitness.  The heat, sun and humidity that come with summer workouts can be very dangerous.  Avoiding the possibilities heat stroke, heat exhaustion and dehydration are key elements of a good summer plan.  Here are five tips to help you prepare for summer workouts.

Prepare for summer workouts by checking your schedule.  As the daily high temperatures climb, it can be incredibly valuable to change your workout schedule.  If you’re working out in a gym, you can stick with whatever works best right now but if you’re training means you’re outside, hit the road or track in the early morning when it’s coolest and the sun isn’t shining directly overhead.  If mornings aren’t an option, try to find a place to put workouts in the summer workoutsevening.  The setting sun and dropping temperatures will help you stay cooler than earlier in the day.

One fun way to prepare for summer workouts is to try something new.  If you usually go for a post work run in a sunny park or a bike ride on black paved roads, try stand-up paddle boarding or a lunch hour spin class.  If you can find an alternative indoor or water based workout you enjoy, skipping the great outdoors for a day or two to stay safe won’t make you feel like you’re missing out.

Put a good hydration plan in place.  An important element of preparing for summer workouts is keeping your body full of fluids.  Staying properly hydrated can eliminate lots of risks associated with hot workouts.  Sweat rate and fluid intake is also a good way to gauge your exertion level when the heat might make it hard to tell just how difficult your run, bike or outdoor strength training session is.

Go shopping.  If your workout wardrobe is full of long sleeved tops and full length bottoms in winter warming dark colors, purchasing light colored options is a good way to prepare for summer workouts.  The light colors will reflect rather than absorb the sunlight, keeping you cooler from beginning to end.  Investing in a hydration pack can be a good addition to any equipment collection and be sure to stock up on sunblock, sunglasses and hats.

The heat and humidity that play a role in summer workouts can make it hard to tell just how much effort your expending during a session.  Prepare for this by easing into the warmer weather.  Start with comparing a workout you’re familiar with to how you feel after performing it on the first hot day.  Slowly add time to outdoor workouts and be aware that you’re working harder just because it’s hot out from the moment you begin.

Use these tips to help ward off the dangers that come with summer workouts and stay safe, healthy and fit all year long.

Coach Meredith

7 Tips for Summer Time Exercise

Summer is upon us!  The heat waves are coming and most places are seeing warm weather already.  While sweating more than we do during the winter doesn’t cause the body to burn more calories, it does have the potential to create dangerous situations.  Here are 7 Tips for Summer Time Exercise that will help ensure your safety when you’re summer time exerciseworking out in the heat.

Hydrate!  Water and sports drinks are your best bet for staying hydrated, which will help you avoid heat exhaustion, stroke and other heat related summer time exercise induced conditions.  Be careful to avoid alcohol, soda and other caffeinated drinks, especially before your workout, and aim to have 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight each day (200 pounds?  Shoot for 100 ounces of water every 24 hours).

Dress less.  Summer time exercise isn’t always a fashion show.  It’s about wearing what keeps you the most comfortable while helping you stay cool.  Light colors that reflect instead of attract the sun and lightweight sweat wicking fabrics are a must for any warm weather warrior.

Have perfect timing.  Schedule your workouts for cooler times of day.  Early morning or after the sun sets as usually go-to times for summer time exercise, but if you have to catch some rays while you sweat, make sure you have shade nearby.  Look for shaded trails or covered areas to keep the sun off your back, and if you’re near a beach, don’t be afraid to hit the sand and take a dip in the cool water.

Adjust everything slowly.  Allow your body time to get used to warmer temperatures, higher humidity and working harder.  Gradually expose your body to the more intense weather and within 10 to 14 days, you’ll be ready to handle the tougher conditions.  You should also think about adjusting the difficulty and length of your session when you’re facing more than just a hard workout.

Lather up.  Sunscreen is a must when you’re going to be getting your sweat on outside.  Apply 15 minutes before you head out to give your skin time to absorb the product, otherwise you’ll sweat it right off.  Be aware that even on cloudy or overcast days, the sun does get through and you still need that protection to avoid getting any unwanted sun.

Find a buddy.  Not only is working out with a friend more fun, it makes summer time exercise more safe.  No matter how careful, hydrated and lightly clothed you are, the heat can make summer time exericsecrazy things happen.  Having someone with you gives another layer of security to working out at a dangerous time of year.

Listen to your body.  You should always be doing this, but when summer time exercise puts your health at risk, it’s more important than ever.  Stop working out, find some shade and replace electrolytes at the first sign of dizziness, faintness, exhaustion or nausea.

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