Jogging in January
January 1  to  January 30

Join Team FitNice for the Jogging In January challenge! Fight the
post-holiday blues as you kick off the new year with a daily dose of exercise
and get Fit in 15!

Participating in the Jogging In January program means you commit to logging at least one mile on each of January's 30 days. You can cover those 1,600 meters at a brisk walk, an easy jog or an all-out sprint and when one mile isn't enough to satisfy your exercise craving, make it the warm-up for yoga practice or weight training.
How do I join the fun?
Follow FitNicePT on Twitter and Like on Facebook for workout ideas and support. Tweet or comment each day and brag about what you've accomplished.
Who can participate?
Anyone!   There are no age or ability limitations at all. Whatever your level of fitness, this is a great way to continue moving forward on your journey.
How much does it cost?
$0!   Jogging in January is about challenging yourself to succeed in the new year, not because you paid for it but because being fit is an important part of the healthy lifestyle you live.
Is there a winner?
Everyone who participates is a winner. Jogging in January is a major commitment to your healthy future and you should be proud to give it a try.