Monthly Archives: May 2013

Running Around

Here we go, fellow runners, trainers, fitness addicts, beach bums, outdoor aficionados, and wine, music and dog lovers!  I’m an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer and USATF Level One Coach who is building my personal training business, running and cross training in the lovely city of Virginia Beach.  I ran for years, busted a knee and quit for years, then got wholeheartedly back on the horse in late 2011.  Running helps keep me centered, gives me time to think about my work, gives my ultra competitive self a constant goal and, until I started again, I had never realized how much I missed it.

This is a place to follow, join and interact with my journey through the ups and downs of training, racing and building a business, while helping you all do the same.  I’ll be Running Around, and can’t wait to meet you!