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Not Fried Chicken Strips with Steamed Broccoli

Fried chicken is delicious, but it’s not very healthy.  Not Fried Chicken Strips are not only not fried, they aren’t the least bit greasy, the chicken stays incredibly juicy and you can flavor them to whatever you’re in the mood for by adding seasonings to the bread crumbs.  This is my recipe for breaded, not fried chicken strips, which taste wonderful and make sure the meals on my table are pretty good for me.  Sometimes I’ll chop it up and put it on a salad, but tonight I just dipped it in ketchup and munched away.  I also took mashed potatoes out of the freezer, steamed a little broccoli to dress up my plate and had a good for me dinner that was quick, simple and tasty.

BasicsNot Fried Chicken Strips
Serves:  2 – 4
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: 3

Not Fried Chicken StripsIngredients
1 1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
2 large eggs, beaten
2 cups seasoned bread crumbs
1/3 cup all purpose flourNot Fried Chicken Strips

1) Preheat oven to 375, grease baking sheet
2) Place rinsed broccoli in steamer, bring water to boil and leave on low heat
3) Season chicken with salt and black pepper, season bread crumbs with salt and black pepper in shallow dishNot Fried Chicken Strips
4) Place beaten egg in a second shallow dish and bread crumbs in a third
5) Coat chicken in flour, shaking off any excess
6) Dip floured chicken strips into egg then finish by dipping in bread crumbs
7) Place breaded chicken strips on baking sheet and bake for 13-16 minutes, or until golden brown
8) Check broccoli and remove from heat or continue to steam to taste

Not fried chicken stripsThere you have it!  Quick, easy and healthy, Not Fried Chicken Strips with Steamed Broccoli is a great week night meal that makes good leftovers for lunch.


What are your favorite quick, weeknight meals?

Proud to be an Alkaline Athlete

I am an alkaline athlete.  I recently discovered the benefits being an alkaline athlete can have and thought I’d give it a try.  What am I talking about?  Here are the basics: our pH level is a measure of how acidic or alkaline we are, with a pH of 0 being totally acidic, a pH of 14 completely alkaline and a pH of 7 neutral.  There are different pH levels in our bodies at all times, for example our stomach acid is always between 1.35 and 3.5, and blood is pretty neutral staying between 7.35 and 7.45.  Unfortunately, the things we put into our bodies aren’t always in agreement with what our bodies want to do and can throw our various pH levels out of whack.  Balancing pH aids in preventing acidosis, a major source of muscle fatigue and soreness, and can help improve performance, and that sounds good to me.

alkaline athleteI drink a lot, a lot of water and until recently, the water I’d been drinking, be it tap or bottled, wasn’t necessarily alkaline.  Every athlete knows how important it is to stay properly hydrated if you want to perform well.  Drinking ample water has a myriad of benefits, including helping to flush toxins out of our systems, keep everything moving through the digestive system, give energy and maintain healthy skin, just to name a few.  I thought the water I was drinking was just fine, as long as I had enough and didn’t know it could get any better.  Always looking for a way to improve both my performance and recovery, I found Genesis Pure and was really GPS Hydrationexcited to try all of their sport related products.  I started adding GPS E2, GPS Hydration and Alkaline Spray, all of which help balance the water’s pH, to my hydration routine.  Over the next few weeks, I noticed a big difference.

I felt good during the day, my thirst levels were the same and the flavored GPS powders gave my water a great new taste without the sugar of other sports drinks.  All those things are good, but I wasn’t ready to commit.  The first time I gave the Hydration a try, I had an amazing experience, and when I gave the E2 a shot before a long run, I became a believer.  My 15 mile runs would normally be a struggle at the end, both mentally and physically, and leave me sore for at least a day.  Not anymore.  My legs have felt GPS Hydrationgreat after my last two long runs, and I after a tough strength training workout last week, I was left wondering where my sore muscles were.  I became an alkaline athlete just in time to breeze through the Wicked 10K Saturday, beating last year’s time by over five and a half minutes, after running a 14 miler only 48 hours earlier.  And it felt good.  I felt good.

It’s been two weeks since I’ve had any serious soreness, which is a big surprise considering my current training schedule and I owe it to being an alkaline athlete.  As simple as putting three squirts of alkaline concentrate in your water or adding a GPS E2 to your glass, becoming an alkaline athlete is easy to do and sure to improve your performance.


Are you an alkaline athlete?  How do you maintain alkalinity?

Wicked 10K Race Review

Well, Race 5 of Fall 2013, the Wicked 10K, is in the books.  This is the second year I’ve run it, and it was again a wonderful experience.   The end of October race can bring unpredictable weather and with it difficult (hard wind, cold rain) race conditions.  This year’s J&A Racing event had almost perfect weather, and aside from a 14 miler on Thursday resulting in a lack of rest, I couldn’t have been any better off.

Friday afternoon I headed to the Wicked 10K expo at the Virginia Beach Convention Center for packet pick-up and buy a new pair of runners.  Walking right in, the full, yet spacious, number pick-up area was easy to navigate and I was quickly on my way to secure my race swag.  Reusable shopping bag and race shirt (comfy AND fits!) in hand, it was off to the vendors.  A little New Shoesmessier in the crowded aisle, I did manage to scoop up a pair of my favorite, Pro-Grid Ride 5s at a ‘we’re trying to move these out’ discount (yay!).  I cruised through checkout and headed for home.  A mac and chicken dinner set me up for a great night’s sleep that left me a little confused when my alarm went off at 530 this morning.

I finally figured out why I was waking up and got the day started with a nice big breakfast.  Race bag assembled, shoes in hand and warm-ups on over my race clothes, I was prepared for the 45 degree morning as my race buddy and I drove to the race’s start, and finish, line outside the Convention Center.  Arriving over an hour before the race’s 8am Start, we stayed in the nice warm car while the free parking lot filled up around us until 7am.  From our warm vantage point inside the car we got to see all kinds of exciting costumes as participants put their outfits on display at the Wicked 10K costume contest.  At 715, I pulled off my cozy warm jacket, pinned on my number, slipped on my shoes and we started for the mostly costumed crowd milling right inside the Convention Center’s doors.  Starting and finishing a few feet outside of the Convention Center, we bypassed a huge row of Port-a-Potties next to the line and made for the warmer restrooms inside.  Packet pick-up was available this morning from 630 to 8am, so indoor restroom access was limited only by lines and I managed to find a relatively short one.  Ample restrooms had the line moving quickly, which gave me time to stretch out on the hard concrete floor and loosen up a bit before heading back out into the cold at 750am.

Hopping the barrier and jumping into my corral, the crowd helped keep me warm as the national anthem was played and Team Hoyt got the race started right on time.  I was lucky enough to be in corral one and be one of the very first runners to cross the Start line.  SpeedyAt the Start starters streamed around me as we ran out 19th Street towards Atlantic Avenue for the first half mile, but I managed to settle into my own pace as I rounded the course’s first turn.  I spent the next five and a half miles slowly picking off one fast starter after another as we ran down a windless Atlantic Avenue to 37th Street where I skipped a well manned, enthusiastic water and Gatorade station, and turned onto the Boardwalk just after mile two.  Even though I’m out there watching the sun rise more days than not, this morning was stunning.  Quiet water, bright sunshine and no wind made me smile while I ran past a smattering of cheering fans.  I maintained my comfortable first mile pace through the first portion of Boardwalk running, but as I rounded the corner at 24th Street, passed the Thriller Dance Group and stepped back out onto Atlantic Avenue past another group of supporters at the halfway point, picked it up a bit.

My goal was to run negative splits today, and I did.  The second half of my race was faster than the first as I covered the rest of mile three and half of mile four on the second Boardwalk part of the course.  Turning back onto Atlantic Avenue once again, it was about wicked 10k800M to reach mile five and  pass a second fully staffed water station.  With a little more than a mile remaining, I kicked it up another notch and continued to pass people as we retraced our first steps of the race.  Coming back down 19th Street straight to the Finish was a little lonely but nearing the line, there was plenty of a great feeling of excitement.  I crossed the Finish line happy with my performance, took a deep breath and headed down the shoot.  Picking up my medal, a bottle of water, a few PowerBars, a banana and a brand new coffee mug, my race buddy and I cruised right into the post-race party.

The nice thing about finishing early is a lack of lines in the after party.  It took a snap of the fingers to get IDed and have a delicious Blue Moon Mountain Abby Ale in my hand.  Securing a table, I slipped off my runners and put on a not very supportive, but comfy, pair of flip flops before flopping myself down onto the hard cement floor to stretch a bit.  While enjoying a few free (for me) beers, my race buddy and I listened to Rock Star Parking play great music, chatted with friends and saw many more interesting costumes over two hours before heading home for a little college football.

I had a wonderful Wicked 10K experience today, finished over five and a half minutes ahead of last year’s time, was 194th out of 5937, 38 of 3903 ladies and eighth in my age group.  It’s a fast course with a fast field, and I’m very happy with it.  There are lots of positives about this race, including a flat course, ample free parking, plenty of restroom facilities, a fantastic after Wicked 10k Swagparty and great organization.  I can’t think of any negatives, especially after a day like today, and J&A has done another amazing job.  I’m not sure I’ll be back next year with the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon the week before, but don’t count me out for the Wicked 10K in 2015!

Meatloaf Muffins

Meatloaf can be so boring.  Every single time I’ve ever eaten it, it’s been a loaf.  Well, I’m getting nuts and making Meatloaf Muffins from here on out.  Twelve single serve, easy to clean up mini meatloaves that will delight your taste buds.  Like most recipes, this one is great because you can customize the flavor based on the sides you serve with it or what you’re in the mood for.  I’m usually in the mood for cheesy mashed potatoes and fresh, steamed, chopped and lightly buttered green beans, so that’s what I put together today.  A recipe for mashed potatoes isn’t included because they were already in my fridge and all I did was zap them in the microwave for two minutes before spooning them onto the plate.

Serves:  6
Meatloaf Muffin Beaten eggPrep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: 5

2 pounds lean ground beef (I use 97%)
1/2 cup breadcrumbsMeatloaf Muffin mixed up
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped green pepper
1/2 teaspoon oregano
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4+ teaspoon ground black pepper
2 large beaten eggsMeatloaf Muffin Vegetables
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup BBQ sauce (KC Masterpiece for me)
ketchup as needed

1) Preheat oven to 350 degrees and lightly grease muffin pan.Meatloaf Muffin ready to go
2) Pour tablespoon olive oil into skillet and saute the onions and pepper for about two minutes then remove from heat and let cool.
3) Put ground beef, garlic powder, oregano, black pepper, egg, salt, BBQ sauce, cooled vegetables and breadcrumbs in large mixing bowl.  Mix by hand or with spoon until well blended.Meatloaf Muffin ketchup on
4) Place cut green beans in steamer and bring to boil.
5) Use ice cream scoop to place mixture in baking cups and bake roughly 20 minutes
6) Cook green beans to desired texture and remove from heat.
7) After Meatloaf Muffins spend 20 minutes in the oven, brush with ketchup and bake for an addition 7 to 10 minutes, cutting one muffin open to ensure they are cooked through (at least 160 degrees in the center).Meatloaf Muffin DinnerThere you have my recipe for a few yummy Meatloaf Muffins.  Mix up your dinner table with this fun and variable entrée.


What’s your favorite meatloaf recipe?  Do you ever mix it up?

Race Week 5

It’s Fall 2013 Race Week 5 with the Wicked 10K coming up on Saturday and today I got my strength training out of the way.  This edition of Fall 2013 Race Week feels funny, though.  While I’ve stuck to my usual race week schedule for Monday and Tuesday, I’m throwing a big wrench in it tomorrow.

Today’s Race Week 5 strength training was great.  It featured one of my favorite exercises, power cleans, along with inoffensive ring dips and push-ups.  A 20 minute AMRAP, I did my heavy high rep weight, powered through and was very happy with how my shoulder felt whenwicked I finished.  Tuesday strength training is a part of every Race Week, but the difference in Race Week 5’s strength work is that I really pushed myself, rather than taking it easy like I normally do.  Things will get even more out of the ordinary tomorrow.

A two hour run is usually totally and utterly out of the question during any and all race Weeks.  Race Week 5 is special.  Not only will it feature a long run tomorrow, light speed work on Thursday and only one day of rest before Race Morning on Saturday, I’m actually going to run a race for fun.  Just like I re-prioritized a few weeks before Philly, I did it again two weeks ago.  I definitely want to run a good race in Savannah, and that’s more important to me than being very fast on Saturday.  My goal for Savannah is 1:42:45, which is 35 seconds faster than Philly and I want to be ready to go.  In addition to placing a higher emphasis on Savannah, last year’s Wicked was a tough race for me due to knee problems.  I have a year of genuine, goal based training under my belt for Saturday’s event and am sure to set a new 10K PR without risking overworking my body.

Tomorrow’s my last two hour before Savannah and I’ll finish long run prep with a 10 mile taper next week.  I’ve worked really hard for each of the Fall 2013 season’s races this far, so I’m ready to take one easy and just have fun with it.


Do you run races just for fun or are you out there to get better every time?

Two Pink Socks

This weekend and last have inextricably become bound together by a pair of pink socks.  I had a great experience with a pair of new socks this morning, and if it weren’t for a misadventure last Saturday night, it never would have happened.  Last Saturday a big group of friends headed out to celebrate a birthday, but the Dave & Buster’s we started with was a bust and resulted in a change of plans.  To the bowling alley we headed.  Unfortunately, none of the ladies had socks and that meant a trip to Foot Locker in the adjacent mall.  I grabbed the first set of obnoxiously pink socks I could find and paid without even glancing at the label.  They worked out great for bowling, hugged my feet and gave a glow in the black light.  When I got home, into the hamper they went to be forgotten about for the week.

Until this morning, the weekend had been pretty uneventful.  Due to unexpected rain yesterday, I bailed on my speed work and took the day off.  I had a great morning at Clean Shedwork and since the Hokies were on a bye, got tons of stuff done around the house.  The shed is organized, and it’s always surprising when you realize just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, especially after one trip to the dumpster and another to the Goodwill.  In addition, the splash guard in the shower with yucky black grout has successfully been removed and the ceiling needs only one more layer of putty before it’ll be ready for some (very messy) sanding.  A load of laundry turned up those pink socks, which didn’t really register, then it was an evening filled with football and off to bed a little late.

This exciting morning was a perfectly bright, sunny, 57 degree Fall day when I fueled up with a yummy GPS Hydration and got ready to rock my 800M repeats.  I opened the sock drawer and there they were.  Those bright pink socks right on top.  Well, since I paid for the socks, had washed the socks and they were right there, on my feet they went.  I tied my shoes, fired up my watch and had a great, windy run.  My 800M repeats were exactly on pace and my feet felt really good.  TheseWP_20131020_002 pink socks are thinner than my usual running socks, so I did have to tighten the laces a bit, but I was a big fan.  Not only was I happy with the run, I really, unexpectedly, liked my pink socks.  It’s always exciting to find a new running toy!

While I stretched out post-run, I took a Pink Socksgood look at the socks I had completely dismissed last weekend and last night.  Sof Sole.  Never heard of them.  A good old fashioned Google search revealed that I’m not crazy and they are in fact running socks.  Phew.  I’m not sure if they made me faster, and even though they’re not my favorite pair, the pink socks make me smile and are going into the rotation.

Tomorrow kicks off another race week with the Wicked 10K coming on Saturday.  It’s definitely a fun run and will be a good tune up before Savannah, but I do expect to beat last year’s time.  Jordy dog is ready to go for a walk, then it’s off to watch the Eagles beat up those pesky Dallas Cowboys.

What are you favorite running socks?  Do you rock colors or stay simple?

Go Birds!


Running Room

It’s Fit Friday and I had a nice long two hour run on the schedule.  My 105 minute outing last week was solid, and just a hair longer than the last 105 minute run I had done in August.  I hoped today’s run was going to get me further than any other two hour run I’ve ever done, but that also presented a problem.  Running room.  The space to run around.  My plan was to take a course I do often, circle the local lake then head out around the nearby golf course.  Where the heck was I going to add mileage to this run?

In the spirit of adventure, I fueled up with a delicious GPS E2 and set out without knowing where I would pick up this running room.  You can only go around the block so many times before getting dizzy and bored, so I knew it would involve new turf.  Hopefully I wouldn’t get lost again.  Luckily, as I cruised around the lake for my first two miles, a light bulb flickered on above my tiny head (I mean that.  I can wear kids size sunglasses and only visors that close with velcro.  I’m a 6-3/4″ hat size with my very thick hair up in it.  It’s small).

Those dead end streets I had taken by mistake a few weeks ago would be my brand new running room today.  I took an out and back on every one of them.  A great place to find extra running roomSometimes I could see the loop from the main drag, and one of them went on for close to a quarter of a mile.  Half mile successfully added!  By the time I was an hour into this exciting running adventure, I was not only really happy with my pace, I was a) not lost and b) going to get every minute in without having to go around my block one single time.

As hour two began, I was rocking and rolling.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten that the majority of those infamous dead end streets were all on one side of the course, the other side is bordered by a development that doesn’t connect.  I managed to scrounge up a few more tenths of a mile with some cul-de-sacs, but starting heading home with thirty minutes remaining.  That was a little too much time, and I ended up having to take two trips around the block.  Those two turns weren’t entirely unbearable, and they wrapped a great run.

I’ll look at the map before next week long run on Wednesday and try to find another course with additional running room.  Taking the same route two weeks in a row would be boring, so I’ll be mixing it up no matter what.  Now it’s off to feed the Jordy dog, find something for dinner, settle in for some DVRed Jeopardy and a nice big stretch before bed.

Happy Weekend! 🙂


How do you find new routes, add mileage and increase running room without going in circles?

Spicy Chicken and Rice

All I could think about when I woke up this morning was dinner.  There are plenty of proteins in my freezer, the question was which one to use and what to do with it.  After pondering for a moment, I pulled out some chicken breasts and set them to thaw while I worked the morning away.  By lunch time I still had no idea what to concoct, so to the cook books I went.  I saw a few good looking chicken dishes, but didn’t commit and set out for my 50 minute tempo run.

The run was so-so, temperatures were in the high seventies and humidity was about the same at 130pm.  In addition to the doing this run in the afternoon, which I’m not a fan of, my route wasn’t guarded with much shade, making the choice to wear capri pants, rather than shorts regrettable as well.  I did get my thinking done, however, and by the time I arrived back at home I knew the dinner menu.  A conglomerate of several recipes, my Spicy Chicken and Rice is baked chicken over brown rice with a bit of flare.

Spicy Chicken and Rice Bake

BasicsSpicy Chicken and Rice Bake
Serves: 2-4
Prep Time: 20
Cook Time: 45-50
Difficulty (1-10):  5

2 to 4 boneless, skinless chicken breastsSpicy Chicken and Rice Bake
1 15-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 14.5-ounce can diced tomatoes, undrained
1 cup tomato juice
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/2 cup chopped green sweet pepper
1 cup frozen whole kernel corn
1 cup uncooked brown riceSpicy Chicken and Rice Bake
1 packet low sodium taco seasoning
1/2 teaspoon salt

1.  Thaw and skin chicken, set to side
2.  Preheat oven to 375
3.  In large saucepan, cook onion and sweet pepper in hot oil until vegetables are tender
Spicy Chicken and Rice Bake4.  Add black beans, corn, tomato juice, taco seasoning, uncooked rice and salt.  Bring to boiling.
5.  Place rice mixture in 3 quart baking dish.  Arrange chicken on top.  Top with desired seasonings.
6.  Bake covered for 45-50 minutes or until chicken is cooked through and rice is tender.

The best thing about this delicious recipe is the ability to add, change or remove flavors you do, or don’t, enjoy.  Try adding garlic, hot peppers or using a hot taco seasoning to increase the heat.  You can also use wild or long grain rice to mix it up.  A hint of Mexican at home, this Spicy Chicken and Rice bake is an easy to prep, quick to cook, low fat, freezable and totally customizable recipe for every house.

What are you favorite Mexican inspired dishes?  How much heat do you like in your meals?


Scheduling 50 States

It finally stopped raining here in Virginia Beach and I’m super excited to get my five mile race pace run in this afternoon without heading for a treadmill or gearing up to get wet.  My long run on Saturday was 105 minutes in misting, barely there rain that didn’t leave you wet enough to notice until you got back in and had to wring your socks, shirt and visor out.  Not the best run, but it most certainly could have been worse and I know I’ll be ready to get Georgia checked off my 50 States at Savannah in four weeks.  One of the best aspects of that rainy run was trying the GPS E2 Energy.  It tasted good, gave me a mental boost and I recap my experience right here.

The rest of the weekend was really lovely, in spite of the rain, with the Hokies beating Pittsburgh 19-9 Saturday afternoon and the Eagles getting a big win over Tampa Bay yesterday.  Before the Eagles game, I took advantage of a promotional discount and registered for the Rock n Roll Chicago Half Marathon next July.  I definitely want to run in Chicago to check Illinois off my 50 State Check List, and a Rock n Roll event is a great choice.  indexScheduling these destination races while taking into account the cost of travel and time off work, tells me I’ll be spreading my 50 States out over more than a few years, but this one fit just right.  My Spring/Summer 2014 schedule is now locked in with the Shamrock in March, gets Tennessee checked off with RnR Nashville in April and RnR Chicago takes care of Illinois in July.  Fall/Winter 2014 I’m hoping to run Myrtle Beach in October and Rehoboth in December, which will get South Carolina and Delaware off the to-do list in 2014, too.

When I set out to finish 50 half marathons, one in each state, I didn’t think scheduling would be so difficult.  Some of the races I want to run in different states are on the same weekend, making it impossible to run them in the same year.  The cost of travel is sometimes prohibitive, too, traveling to Oregon one month and Washington the next really isn’t feasible, at this point, for my wallet.  I have a lot of planning to do, and with new races popping up all the time, I’d say it’s a little early to start scheduling 2015, but we all know it’ll be here before we blink.


Do you have a favorite away from home Half Marathon?  Where is your next destination race?

GPS E2 Energy

I had a great experience with Genesis Pure‘s GPS Hydration yesterday, check out my review, and decided to give its sister product, GPS E2 Energy, a try for my long run this morning.  I planned on taking off in the rain right after Boot Camp, so I started drinking the all natural powder/water mix about 30 minutes before my run.  I’ve not one for energy products in general, and have definitely never had anything like it before a run, so I was ready for a Saturday morning adventure.

GPS E2 Energy comes in two flavors, Cherry Blast and Citrus Blast, and today I went with the Cherry.  Not much for citrus, I figured even if I didn’t like the cherry that much, I could always E2 Energywater it down.  Halfway through camp, I opened the Cherry Blast GPS E2 Energy wrapper and, like I did with the Hydration yesterday, poured the pink powder into about 10 ounces (8 are recommended) of cool water.  A good shake and every clump of powder was completely dissolved.  One sip in, there was no need to water it down, the bright pink beverage was delicious.

The 10 ounce glass of energy infused water was easy to drink and I finished it in about twenty minutes.  I slid on my running shoes and took off for a long run fifteen minutes later without noticing any kind of pick-me-up.  I had expected the typical rush caffeine beverages give, but with only 110mg of caffeine, there was no big high.  As I continued on my mist soaked outing, I did have a few unexpected pangs of hunger around minute 35 (fun), but ran through them and planned on having plenty to eat at the end.  The first 50 minutes of my run were great, I was sailing along right at the pace I wanted to and my legs felt a little tired, but manageable.  At the halfway point, I wondered if, even though there wasn’t a distinct caffeine high, there would be a crash.  Not yet.  I felt great hitting the one hour mark.

If I’m going to hit a wall, it usually occurs around minute 75, for both my body and my brain.  Today my legs got pretty grumpy around minute 80, which wasn’t surprising after my first week lifting heavy before a long run in three weeks.  Even though my quads, hamstrings and calves were beginning to tire and tighten, my mind stayed clear and the last 25 minutes of my run were definitely not the mental struggle they can become.  The crash I was waiting for never came and I easily picked up the pace at minute 90 to finish the last 20 minutes about 15 seconds per mile faster.  Feeling my sore legs, and not the crash I was waiting for, I noticed I wasn’t mentally exhausted like I am after a physically hard run.  With the exception of overworked lower body muscles, I felt awesome.  Not only glad to be finished with a physically tough workout, my mindset was alert and positive.

Feeling so good after a long training run gives the Cherry Blast my thumbs up.  GPS E2 Energy definitely gave my mental performance a boost and I’m excited to see what it does for me with fresh legs.  I’ll definitely be drinking a glass of GPS E2 Energy infused water before every long run from now on and it will be a welcome addition to my Race Bag.

What do you use to fuel your long runs and keep your head clear?