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My Very First Pair of Asics

I officially own my very first pair of Asics running shoes.  In middle and high school I ran in Nikes.  When I came back to running, seriously, I went to my local store, had a gait analysis and walked out with a pair of Saucony Pro Grid Ride 5s.  I stock piled the Pro Grid 5s and by the time I ran through them all, Saucony had moved on to the Pro Grid Ride 7.  Pretty much the same shoe, I continue to do everything in one of my rotating pairs of Ride 7s.  Long runs, speed work, racing, trail runs, cross country racing.  I haven’t felt like I’m at a point where I need a lighter shoe to continue hitting PRs at the half marathon distance.

But…you can never have too many pairs of shoes.  So when Doug wanted to stock up on new runners (he’s a Mizuno guy) and start his Myrtle Beach training plan with a few pairs of shiny new shoes, it was off to Final Kick we went.  Well, you cannot expected me to asicsstand there, idly by, while he tried gear out.  No way.  I currently rotate four pairs but one more certainly couldn’t hurt.  Why not give something new a try?  I tried a few different pairs, a lighter Saucony shoe, a pair from Brooks and my eventual winner, the Asics Gel Lyte33 3.

I’ve so far completed two workouts in the Asics.  One a round of 1200m repeats on the treadmill and the other an outdoor set of Michigan Intervals.  Weighing in at 5.5 ounces, they’re three ounces lighter than my 8.5 ounce Sauconys per foot, have a six millimeter drop versus the Saucony’s eight and with less padding, less expensive ($120 for the Sauconys, $100 for the Asics).  I did two runs in my regular trainers between these two speed sessions and the biggest difference was definitely the weight.  The Gel Lyte33’s have solid cushioning for a lighter weight shoe which makes me feel confident about my ability to race Myrtle Beach in them without risking an injury.  Completing an eight mile outing this morning without an inkling of foot, ankle or shin pain and no abnormal soreness only helped solidify that feeling.

There’s always the potential for rain on race day which makes getting out for a wet road run in them important to me.  I’d like to know what to expect if it’s slippery out even though I expect they’ll do wonderfully.  A comfortable shoe with enough support to keep my feet, ankles and shins happy while hopefully letting me run a little bit faster, I’m excited to spend more time in my new Asics and race the Bay Days 8K and Myrtle Beach in them.


Do you have a lightweight pair of shoes for the track and race day?  Which ones?  What’s the best thing about them?

Play Week Three: A New PR

Play Week Three was up and down.  I was pumped to hit a new PR in the gym but unfortunately gave myself another lesson in scheduling.  I originally had 35 miles scheduled for Play Week Three but considering I didn’t have a long run last week and ran 25, I didn’t want to up it by 10 miles and lowered my goal to 32 miles.

I had a big 15 miler on Friday in the back of my mind all week, but Monday I had a solid 60 minute tempo run at Bay Creek and Tuesday took it easy with a few 400M sprints as part of my CrossFit workout.  I changed my schedule to take Wednesday off because it would have been my 10th workout day in a row then doubled up with lifting and a run on Thursday.  That’s when things got exciting.

On the lifting calendar were deadlifts.  One of my favorite exercises, I was excited to get down to the business of checking in on my one rep max (1RM).  It had been, gulp, four months since I’d done a 1RM and I wanted to see if all of my strength training, soreness and suffering is paying off by making me stronger and therefore faster.  After a few play week threerounds of warm up lifts, I went 1-1-1-1 until I hit a new 1RM!  This whole lifting thing really is worth the pain effort!  I probably could have gone a bit heavier but my grip strength needs improvement and I just couldn’t hold on.

In fact, I was so excited about my new DL 1RM I decided to celebrate by immediately putting my weights away and going to run 4.5 miles in the deep, soft sand rather than wait until the evening like I had originally planned.  Well, that was dumb.  I knew I had overstepped by the middle of the soft sand run.  My legs got grumpy but I finished and rolled a few times through the rest of the day, expecting to be close to 100% for the next morning’s 15 miler.

Wrong, although not entirely.  My first eight miles were wonderful.  The weather was an improvement on what it’s been like for my last few long runs, humid but about ten degrees cooler, and I felt like the Energizer Bunny.  Water stops at miles 4 and 6 helped replenish the loads of fluid I sweating out and at mile eight I noticed my feet were a bit sore.  OK, the barefoot sand running, duly noted.  My calves and hamstrings followed suit just past the ten mile mark and I noticed I wasn’t really sweating anymore.  Water!  I had gone over four miles in the 72 degree, 70% humidity of the day and my tired body needed some badly.  I was sensible enough to put ice water outside the house before I took off so I could grab it when I wanted, but it didn’t do much good when I was still, on the shortest path, over a mile away.

At mile 11.something I crashed.  Three quarters of a mile from the driveway, my legs decided they were done.  I didn’t fall down, but had been over five miles without water, knew my screaming hamstrings need some STAT and wasn’t too keen on the possibility of dehydration.  With only four miles left to go, I wanted to get some water in my system and finish.  I made it to the water bottle, sat down to stretch my angry legs and drank close to ten ounces.  Knowing this would be a problem, I walked and stretched for a few minutes to let it settle then took back off at a slightly slower pace.

Even after my legs relaxed a bit, they were still tired, achy and tight as I started mile 12.  Not worth it to beat my body up or put myself in danger, I decided to bail at 13.  Still in line with my plan to get seven runs of 13 or more miles in the books before Myrtle Beach, I was unhappily OK with this decision.  Disappointed not to get the 15 I had been excited about, the first ten miles were very solid and an important lesson was reinforced: when it’s hot, plan better.

Happy this week’s long run is over, I’m glad I have a faster, 90 minute run scheduled for Play Week Four.  I want to use it as a gauge of where my training is and will only be doing a light cross training workout on Thursday to give my legs a little breather before the hard work.  It won’t simulate race week conditions, but I’ll be picking up my long run pace and expect to finish somewhere between 11.5 and 12 miles.

After a not so awesome Friday run, I took Saturday off to reset and ended Play Week Three with a dose of excellent 1200m repeats this morning.  As a whole it was certainly not one of my best training weeks.  Play Week Three was discombobulated, I pushed too hard when I knew I shouldn’t have and I paid for it with a shortened long run.  At least there’s next week and the week after that and ten more after that before my PR effort in October.


How was your training week?  Anything exciting on the schedule for next?

Cape Charles Mini-Vacation

Last weekend, Doug and I got out of town for a mini (one night) vacation.  After a nice five mile pick-up run Sunday morning, we made the 40 minute drive across the Chesapeake cape charlesBay Bridge Tunnel and up the Eastern Shore of Virginia to Cape Charles, VA.

We arrived at the Hotel Cape Charles early, knowing our courtyard facing room might not be ready and had plans to grab lunch then relax in the days’ lovely weather for a few hours.  Greeted at the front door by an adorable pooch, the front desk was wonderful and offered to call when our room was ready to go.  Time to eat!

We dined at The Coach House Tavern, Bay Creek’s clubhouse dining establishment and enjoyed the casual meal while watching golfers warm up on the driving range before heading out for 18 holes on one of the resort’s two courses.  After lunch we went to the smaller of the community’s two pools, indulging in some quiet R&R while working on banishing our short and sock tans.  The helpful staff of the Hotel Cape Charles called just cape charlesas we were climbing out of the water and we made our way back to the hotel, checked in, did a quick change in our clean, modern yet homey, spacious room and went to have a mid afternoon cocktail.

An easily walkable distance from the hotel, The Shanty had made some serious improvements since our last visit, including a larger harbor view patio and a new awning that protected a previously exposed outdoor seating area.  We opted to sit inside at the bar for a few to cool down after our short walk and dove into a pair of orange crushes.  Our second round of orange crushes accompanied us outdoors to play a game of cornhole on the broken oyster shell courtyard.  My performance was less than stellar but it felt good to be out in the sun with a chilled beverage to keep things from getting too sweaty.  We wrapped up our afternoon with a trip to The Shanty market where we picked up a fancy new Shanty coozie, a sticker for the fridge and a bottle of wine for later in the evening.

Back at the hotel, we perused the in-room binder stuffed with information about local restaurants and activities.  Aqua and the King’s Creek Marina were our winner.  We made a reservation we ended up not needing then settled in for showers and naps.  Cleaning up after an afternoon in the sun felt good, but the bed was the best part of my snooze.  Pillow top, cape charlesjust the right amount of firmness and a cool, quiet room helped both Doug and I get ready for the evening feeling refreshed and bright-eyed.

Aqua was fantastic.  We had a stunning view of the sun dropping down behind the bay while we dined on the freshest crab cake appetizer either of us could remember having in quite some time.  My gigantic scallops were served over a delectable lobster risotto that melted in my mouth and washed down nicely with an Ebb Tide-Tini.  Doug’s grouper was equally as fresh as both the crab and scallops with a bit of heat that the mashed potatoes it was served over made easier to handle.cape charlesStuffed from our delicious meal, we skipped dessert and went for an after dinner walk on the beach.  The white sand and warm, calm water were in stark contrast to those back at the Beach and I could have spent the whole night right here.  Unfortunately, that wasn’t going to work out, so it was back to the hotel.  Upon arrival, we poured at bottle of Nein Lives Riesling and settled into the plush courtyard couches for a quiet night cap on a gorgeous evening.cape charles

The next morning, I dropped Doug off for his 8am tee time and went back to get my runners.  I was excited to do my run in a new place with fresh scenery and walked down cape charlesto the beach but opted to go for a run back at Bay Creek where it was more level and offered shade the sand didn’t.  I had a surprisingly good 60 minute tempo run along the tree lined streets and cart paths of the resort considering the humidity, lack of a real breeze and my alcohol intake the previous 24 hours that left me feeling very positive about where my training is.cape charles

I dined on cereal and granola post-run then showered and checked out before taking a walk through the downtown Historic Cape Charles area.  It was a peaceful morning, the beach was beautiful and the people were friendly.

I definitely recommend a visit to Cape Charles and a stay at Hotel Cape Charles when you’re in the area.  A momentary escape from the rush of everyday life, the small town is the perfect place to turn of your technology and get away.


Have you been to Cape Charles or the Eastern Shore?  Did you like it?

Play Week Two: IT Bands

Play Week Two was not one of my best training weeks as a result of being very neglectful of my recovery lately.  I’ve been stretching regularly after workouts, drinking at least 65 ounces of water each day, getting as much sleep as possible and eating plenty of the right things.  I have not, however, been including the most important part of my race season post-run routine in the last two week’s worth of sessions.  Foam rolling.  I thought about it lots.  I had a foam roller in my hand numerous times and failed to use it.  Much deserved, I spent the end of the week nursing a very mild case of ITBS.  Here’s how I handled it:

Monday was hot, hot, hot.  I had speed work on the schedule and hit the gym to get it in.  I did an easy mile warm-up then jumped into a hard and fast Michigan Interval workout.  The workout itself felt really, really good.  My turnover was solid, I definitely enjoyed the easy breathing indoors and I felt like the 800M recovery intervals were maybe a bit longer than I needed for the first time in eight weeks.  After a good start to Play Week Two, I stretched but didn’t foam roll, even though I thought about it multiple times.

Tuesday I had heavy front squats and knew they would leave me sore.  I rocked my squats, then did some core work and push-ups.  My legs felt like jelly for a few hours and I stretched but failed to foam roll in spite of having one in my hand a few times.

I woke up Wednesday morning with the legs I expected to have.  Sore and tight, they definitely needed the easy four mile recovery run I had scheduled.  I felt loose by the end of my jog in the rain and did play week twomanage to foam roll afterwards.  I then sat down to do some work and when I stood up, my legs were rather unhappy.  Rolled again.  Two hours of standing, dodging and throwing with several bouts of stretching and a few adult sodas at my Wednesday night dodgeball league didn’t help me feel much better.

My quads and IT Bands were still grumpy Thursday when I worked on my power cleans and strict pull-ups.  They felt OK while I was lifting but definitely not 100% and again, I slacked off on recovery and didn’t foam roll.  I didn’t even stretch.

I paid for all of my non-foam rolling post-run stretching sessions on Friday.  I set out for my 14 miler and bailed at mile six.  It was hotter than I expected which had me running a bit slower than I wanted.  Running faster is better for sore IT Bands and I knew pushing through another eight miles would just make things worse.  Not worth it.  I spent the remainder of my running time (55 minutes) foam rolling and using The Stick.  I foam rolled every hour until I hit the hay and by that time I started to feel better.

I foam rolled before Boot Camp Saturday morning and my IT Bands felt normal, but I was unsure about how they’d hold up over a run and worked out with my class instead.  After Boot Camp’s burpees and sit-ups, my legs felt pretty darn good.  They felt even better after a post breakfast rolling session.  Because I was feeling so much better, I thought about going for a run in the afternoon to get some miles in, but played it safe and stayed in.

I did a five mile pick-up run, plus warm-up and cool down, this morning to bring Play Week Two’s total mileage to 25 and without a long run, I’m happy with that.  My legs are feeling much better and starting with Play Week Three’s 15 miler, I have seven runs of more than 13 miles in the 13 weeks leading up to Myrtle Beach.  For each of those 13 weeks, I have to do a better job of recovering.  Good recovery was (is) one of my goals this year and I am failing.  Feeling the burn during a medium mileage week immediately after one week off and a second low mileage week is the reality check I needed.  I’m not injured and don’t want to be.  That means taking my recovery routine seriously and putting rolling before stretching.


How do you make sure you recover properly?  Have you ever had ITBS?

Summer Shorts: Lululemon Speed Short

Shorts are it for me during the summer.  Yes, I wear lightweight capris when I’m working 85% of the time, especially when I’m indoors, but when I get my sweat on?  The shorter the shorts the better.  I’m not one to have my rear end hanging out, but full coverage and a bit of support are about all I require.  It was time for something new and I knew what I wanted: shorts with a pocket and without groin chafing seams on the lining.speed shorts

I’m a fan of Lululemon‘s other bottoms (read about it here) and hoped I’d be able to find exactly what I wanted.  What was more important to me than the pocket, however, was the lack of a chafe inducing built-in lining.  I don’t buy or wear standard ‘running’ shorts because the built-in linings with their thin, tight elastic edges usually rub me in an awful way.  (Thanks narrow hips, short rise and small rear!)  I picked up a pair of Run: Speed Shorts and was very excited to feel a flat, edgeless lining and Lululemon’s “signature three-pocket waistband”.  They felt even better when I slipped them on: comfortable and supportive without making my groin feel like it was being separated from the rest of my body.  Sold!  I made for home with a $54 pair of Lululemon’s Run: Speed Short in black.

I decided to break them in over a long run on an early, hot and humid Saturday morning.  Go big or go home, right?  I piled my car key, my ID and a $20 bill in the back zipper pocket and took off for 13 miles.  I was a bit concerned the load of goodies resting on just above my butt might result in a rub with all the sweat and heat, but better to find out now than on race day.  Off I went!  I first noticed how the lightweight fabric and loose outer layer let plenty of air circulate through the quickly sweat soaked fabric while the lining wicked the sweat that kept on coming away and protected my pocketed belongings.  The “chafe-resistant flat seams” did a wonderful job of keeping the supportive inner lining in place speed shortswith every step, regardless of how thoroughly saturated the garment was and by Mile 8, I could tell my skin wasn’t going suffer at all.  I ran on for five more miles, barely noticing the shorts and not fiddling with them once.

After I hit the stop button at Mile 13, I reevaluated my shorts situation while I cooled down and stretched.  First I checked on my lower back.  The pocket had stayed tightly zipped despite all of the contents bouncing around for over an hour and forty minutes and there was no rub.  Just a stinky, wet $20 bill.  Excellent.  Next up, the skin around my groin.  No irritation there either.  Big win.  Finally, lots of body parts I’d like to keep to myself can accidentally see daylight when doing post-run stretching and yoga in sticky, barely there to begin with, sweaty clothes but the Speed Short keep me covered.  I checked.  I looked in a mirror from every angle in every position I could think of.  Good to go.

The Speed Short had been awesome during the run and was great after it.  The “slim fit, medium rise, 2.5″ (6cm) inseam” shorts that are made “for training runs and race day, too” are a great addition to any running gear collection and I can’t wait to race in mine.  Definitely consider adding a pair to your shorts rotation and run in secure comfort any time you head out.


Note:  I was not compensated in any way for trying, using or reviewing this product.  All opinions are my own.

What’s most important to you in a pair of running shorts or pants?

Right Now: Wearing, Blogging, Running

It’s time for the July issue of Right Now!  This month I’ll cover something new I’m wearing, a recommitment to blogging and having a blast running for fun for a few weeks before my next training cycle kicks off.

Wearing:  The Lululemon Run: Speed Short.  I’ll be writing a full review of the new addition to my workout collection soon but until then, here’s a teaser.  I’m a big fan!  The lightweight running shorts are wonderful.  I love the pocket, just like I do in all of the other Lulu pant/short products I own but the best part is the short’s lining.  I can’t stand the wearingbuilt-in underwear in most running shorts and inside these, rather than a chafe causing, red line inducing pair of granny panties, is a flat seamed, supportive lining that’s very comfortable.

Blogging:  Well, not really.  I’ve been a little slack since my Blogging Vacation and am going to work hard on getting back on track.  I usually write three posts per week but only made it to two the last two weeks and I haven’t done a good job of reading, commenting on and supporting my fellow bloggers.  My SweatPink and Girls Gone Sporty sisters, as well as all of the other awesome bloggers I read deserve my attention and support.  I miss all the cool workouts, fun races, comfy clothes and delicious recipes other runners are doing, wearingrunning, wearing and eating and need to keep at it so I don’t get bored with my own workouts and recipes!

Running:  For fun!  I’m all finished building my base and still have a few weeks before I kick off my intense 10 week training plan leading up to Myrtle Beach Race Day.  I’ve set mileage goals and long run distances for each of the next three weeks but left the rest up to the weather and my mood.  The first of my five play weeks ended well and I’m feeling really good about where I’m headed moving into the end of July and eventually the Rock n Roll Virginia Beach.


What’s your most recent clothing purchase?  How about your blogging?

Play Week One Training in Review

Play Week One is in the books.  I have four more until I kick off my ten week plan for Myrtle Beach and I was excited to see what I had in the tank after seven days without running.  I tried my hardest to follow my training plan for the week but the weather put a pretty big damper on it and in the end, Play Week One didn’t go as planned but turned out justplay week one fine.

Monday:  Easy five miler was just that.  Easy.  It got me back into the groove after my recovery week and felt good.

Tuesday AM: I switched Tuesday’s session due to the weather prediction and ran in the morning while pushing my lifting to later in the day.  The run was a total mess.  My original plan was 6x800M repeats but I changed my mind and set out for a 1600M ladder.  I should have scrapped it when I stepped out the door.  It was 77 degrees with a lovely 81% humidity.  My warm up mile was good, as was my first hard interval.  After the fast mile I turned in, I slowed down for a 800M recovery jog before kicking into a 1200M interval.  That 800M recovery about killed me.  I couldn’t recover, my heart rate struggled to come down and I had a bout of the worst side stitches I can recall that made me unsure whether my breakfast would stay down or not.  After a long break, I jogged out the remaining half mile and finished the workout with two minute walking breaks rather than 800M recovery jogs.  Even though I was disappointed with the workout as a whole, I was happy with the 1600M, 1200M, 800M and 400M splits I ran in those weather and digestive conditions.
Tuesday PM:  The morning’s less than inspiring speed work left me unexcited for my lifting later in the day.  Luckily for me, the lifting went really well and I pushed myself by working on my strict pull-ups afterwards.

Wednesday:  With Tuesday’s run cut short, I changed my Wednesday workout from a 5 mile pick-up run to a 45 minute tempo run.  It was even worse than Tuesday morning’s event.  At 85 degrees with 85% humidity the weather was, again, not on the side of speed work.  I quickly bailed on the tempo run, opting for a simple 10K run.  I struggled through it while fighting fatigued legs and sucking wind like the morning before (but without the side stitches!).

Thursday AM and PM:  The morning was thunderstormy and I followed the plan I laid out last week for the day with a big heavy deadlifting session in the morning.  I was antsy about Friday’s long run after Tuesday and Wednesday’s poor outings and when the rain stopped decided to go out for a run.  The weather was magnificent.  Cool, low humidity and cloudy.  I had gone out with no plan but during my first mile decided to do some hard work.  I nailed a three mile race pace that made me forget all about the disasters earlier in the week.

Friday:  Play Week One’s long run was supposed to be 13 miles.  Unfortunately, weather and timing got the better of my plan and I chose to move it to Saturday.  I walked a few miles with the dog and otherwise called it a rest day.

 Saturday:  Long run!  It was humid again, even at 6am, but a little bit cooler at an average temperature of 74 degrees over the 103 minute run.  All 13 miles were consistent and by the end my legs were definitely letting me know they were close to having enough.  I finished the run with a big stretching, push-up and sit-up session to make up for the missed Crossfit workout.

Sunday:  Today!  An easy two mile shake out run took the week’s mileage total to 32 and I finished with a solid long run that left me on a much higher note than I had been on earlier in the week.

Play Week Two features a 15 mile long run on Friday, heavy lifting on Tuesday and Thursday and a the rest has yet to be filled in.  I have a 35 mile goal for my second fun week and the weather looks a little more runner friendly than it was early in Play Week One.


How’s your training?  How often do you set a mileage goal and just have fun with your workouts?

Summer 2014 Recovery Week

Recovery week is in the books and it’s almost time to get down to business.  I have a few weeks (5 to be exact) before my 10 week training plan for Myrtle Beach kicks into gear and am excited to see what I can do with fewer miles to run each week.

I didn’t run a step for any of the seven days during recovery week, but I did lift twice, row a 5K and walk a bunch.  I got lucky with the dates I chose for recovery week because there was a ton of wind at the end of the week with Hurricane Arthur making a meek appearance.  I had enough wind over the winter and can definitely wait a few more months, or longer, for it to come back.  With recovery week behind me, here’s this week’s schedule:

Monday:  Back at it easy 5 miler (done!)
Tuesday:  AM: Heavy lifting squats  PM:  800M repeats
Wednesday:  5 mile pick-up run
Thursday:  Heavy lifting
Friday:  Long run 13 miles
Saturday:  2-3 mile recovery run and Crossfit
Sunday:  Rest Day!

My easy 5 miler yesterday was just to get back in the groove.  It was nice and hot but with humidity that was below 50%, it seemed like a treat.  My legs felt very fresh, which wasn’t a surprise, and I’m ready to push it later this week.  The forecast is calling for rain and a bit of a cool down at the end of the week meaning I should have good weather for Friday’s long run.  My last few long runs have been in tough conditions and I’ve taken them slow, doing little more than try to get my miles in.  I’m looking forward to hitting that 13 miler hard and getting a good idea of where my training is a few weeks before I get into my 10 week training plan for the start of my Fall 2014 Race Season.


How’s your training?  How often do you take a recovery week/few days/month?

More than Halfway through 2014

Happy 4th of July!  We’re halfway through 2014 already.  OK, a little past the halfway point but either way, this year is flying by and I’m excited for what the second half will bring with it.  At the close of 2013 I set several personal and professional goals for the upcoming year.  Now we’re halfway halfway through 2014through and when I take a look back I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  Let’s review:

Goal #1:  Run 1,200 miles.  As of 30 June my grand total was 803.14 miles and that puts me well on my way.  With four half marathons coming up in the second half I have every confidence I’ll hit, and likely exceed, my 1,200 mile goal.  Halfway through 2014 and I’ve been 100% injury free even with the increasing weekly miles I’ve been racking up in the heat lately.  This leaves me ready to tackle Fall 2014 with fresh, strong legs.

Goal #2:  Half marathon PR under 1:40:00 before summer hit.  I nailed this one!  Twice, actually.  I ran a 1:39.09 at the Shamrock in March in spite of the windy conditions.  Really happy to have hit my goal with April Fool’s still to come, I relaxed between the races and was surprised to see that I had crossed the Atlantic City Finish Line at 1:38:42.  New goal:  1:37.30 to kick off Fall 2014 at Myrtle Beach.

Goal #3:  Grow FitNicePT.  I’ve done an OK job with this but could definitely do more.  I’ve attended a couple networking events and am much more attentive to social media.  I’m struggling a bit as I try to figure out how to transition from concentrating on personal and group fitness to focus more on running based programming and coaching.  I have great clients and am very lucky I get to start my day with sunrises on the beach three days a week and even though I’m in a down spot, I love what I do more than ever.

Goal #4:  Write an ebook.  Halfway through 2014 and I have barely thought about this!  I enjoy writing, obviously, and would love to write an ebook, but guess I have writer’s block. When I do sit down and think about blog posts I could expand into a book I manage to talk myself out of whatever the idea is.  ‘It’s been done.’  ‘You’re not knowledgeable enough.’  With a little more thought and belief in myself (get it together, self!) I know I can, if not finish and publish, start working on something great.

Goal #5:  Attend a Coaching School and receive my USA Track and Field Level I Coaching Certification.  I did this in March (read about it here) and it was very educational.  I’d like to do my Level II in the next two or three years as I dive more fully into the world of running, coaching and racing.

Halfway through 2014 I think I might be in need of a new goal for the second half of 2014 other than my new half marathon PR goal.  I’m looking forward to racing in Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas and Rehoboth this fall and can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish.


How are your 2014 goals going?  Have you had to change, update or create new ones?