2015 Future Race Plans

I have future race plans!  When my spring race season finished two weeks ago, I was beat up both mentally and physically.  Like most athletes, it’s the promise of testing myself on race day that keeps me pushing forward and I was a little bit lost about what my fall race schedule should include.  Fortunately I’ve recovered from all of that and looking forward to what’s coming over the next few months.

Do I want to race a target half marathon?  Of course I do.  I want the PR I know I’m capable of achieving and more.  Unfortunately, it’s the summer season.  Not exactly an ideal time for racing your best, especially when your next race is Rock n Roll Chicago.  Smack dab in the middle of July.  If the weather is on my side (rain?) I might go out and see what I’ve got.  If it’s not, it’s not.  There will be plenty of opportunities to reach my goal down the road.future race plans

As I sorted myself out after three rough race weekends in a row, I ultimately decided not including the 13.1 distance in my future race plans probably wouldn’t kill me.  If Chicago happens, it happens, no big deal.  It’s been a long time since I focused on training for something other than a half marathon and even longer since I raced a road 5k.  So…I registered for the Heart of Ghent 10k and Harbor Lights 5k with a plan to PR both distances.

I also finally decided on my first marathon!  It’s a long way out but next March’s One City Marathon in Newport News, VA is the winner.  Plenty more on this coming soon.

While my immediate future race plans don’t currently include racing 13.1 miles, I will be running a few.  I have back to back half marathons in Connecticut and Rhode Island in October.  I’ll be knocking out some two in a row long run training blocks and stretching my long run to 20 miles once or twice.  It’ll give me a good taste for the full training I’ll have over the winter but the truth is I might not be able to stop myself from the lure of 13.1 racing miles.  The Harbor Lights Half Marathon is flat, fast and super close to home.  It presents the perfect chance to go after a 2015 half marathon PR in a month I’m sure won’t be hot.  The fact that it’s the day after my goal 5k just gives me more of a challenge.


What are your future race plans?  Trying a difference race distance?

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  1. Bain

    Come run the Foothill Challenge 5k with me in LA! It’s a 1,000′ elevation gain (yikes!) hence the name “challenge” 🙂


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