5k Races + Loads of Laundry

I’ve already run two 5k races this year with three more on the schedule.  In 2015 I ran three total just because and I’m looking forward to racking up a few more as an important part of my fall goal race training program.

I really like the 5k distance because it’s a good building block for the half marathon and a great way to really push myself in a workout (plus it’s fun).  It’s nice to be able to race a 5k hard more than once a month then get back out there the next day for a long easy run without risking an injury, over training or burn out.  I’d love to do more 10k races but I just can’t find them frequently or conveniently enough.  So for now I’ll stick with the 5k for building speed.

My current PR is 21:14 and I know I can be faster.  When I set that PR last November, the course caught me off guard and I slowed more than I realized during a series of tight twists towards the end.  I’ll be racing the Norfolk Harbor 5k again this year, definitely looking to beat that time on a course I’m now familiar with.5k races  I’m pretty much just figuring out to run a good 5k race and it’s harder than I expected.  Go out too fast and it’s over before you finish the second mile.  Go out too slow and you’re selling yourself short.  I’m learning where that tipping point is for my body at its current level of fitness and hopefully that will be a big asset come my target half marathon.

While I’m loving the 5k distance as a training tool right now, my sights are firmly set on a new half marathon PR at Wineglass this fall.  In light of that bigger goal, I’m spending summer building my long distance base while working towards a faster 5k as a bonus.  This year’s base building phase includes two speed or tempo workouts each week with the rest long easy marathon or marathon plus pace miles.  Last week included three two-a-day workouts: Tuesday’s hard run-easy run, Thursday’s easy-easy runs and Friday’s lift-Crossfit.  SO MUCH LAUNDRY.  I forgot how much clothing I could use in seven days.  As it warms up, the clothing will be smaller to at least limit the number of laundry loads but it might be time to go shopping.


Do you use 5k races as a training tool?  How much running specific laundry do you have?

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