A Month of Racing + Get Ready

I’m running a race five of the next six weekends and that makes April 2016 officially the ‘Month of Racing’ for me.  I’ve never run an event four weekends in a row and am looking forward to the repeated race environment exposure to get my head back in line for a long summer of training after I lost some of my motivation during these past two weeks of off season.

Here’s what my Month of Racing looks like and how I plan to tackle it.

2 April – Hot Chocolate 15k Philadelphia – I’ll be kicking off my Month of Racing in my hometown with the 10 min group.  A great way to get back to running more an three miles, the easy pacing month of racingspeed should be lots of fun and not much else.  I want to nail the pace for this one and get my group across the finish 10 seconds ahead of time.

9 April – Rock the Parkway in Kansas City, MS (State 19) – This one will be a long easy run with no pressure.  I might actually run with the 1:45 pacer just to keep me honest by making sure I don’t go overboard, or hard, as I continue my play and off season.

16 April – ODU Big Blue 5k – Without any speed work on the schedule between today and this run, it’s going to be a ‘let’s see what happens without any speed work 5k’ run.  I’ll push this one hard to see how I’m faring after a relaxing month post marathon debut.

24 April – Coastal Delaware Half Marathon – Pacing 1:55 group here.  A little mileage build for the week but this one will focus on fun.  I hope to have the opportunity to help lots of people break the two hour mark and earn new PRs.

7 May – EquiKids Cross Country 5k – I love volunteering here every week and love this race just as much.  It’s one of my favorites but I’m not sure what to expect performance wise this far out.  Last year my legs were fried and the weather was hot so in spite of lacking serious training before it in 2016, I think I can do well.

It’s going to be a busy spring but I’m looking forward to lots of running fun.  Hopefully I’ll see you sometime during my Month of Racing and you’ll enjoy all of the reviews that come after.


What are you running in April?  Will you write reviews?

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