Fit Friday: Love Your Treadmill

I’m not sure why so many runners dread the treadmill.  More affectionately known as the dreadmill, this is one piece of equipment I can 100% get behind.  While it does have its downfalls, the treadmill is a great friend to a runner and I wish it didn’t get such a bad rap.  Even though I stare at a wall when I’m on mine, here are treadmillfour great reasons to give running in place a little more love.

It’s always there.  No matter what’s going on outside the treadmill is ready.  Whether you’re facing 30 mile an hour winds and sub freezing temps like I avoided this week or 100 degree days with 90% humidity, it’s ready to go.  Feeling less than motivated?  Walking across the room is much easier than dressing up to go outside.  In a rush?  Not waiting for satellites definitely saves time.

Steady does it.  Set the pace and go.  It won’t change unless you tell it to.  Unlike running outside where crossing streets or catching sight of a pretty bird can distract and slow us down, the treadmill keeps us clicking along.  It’s easy to come off pace when we leave it to ourselves.  Not the case on the old ‘mill.  Use this training tool to practice pacing and have more success on race day.

Variety.  The treadmill can handle just about anything you throw at it.  From a long run to speed work, the only limit is your imagination.  It’s especially useful for those of us who live in the flatlands and want to hit some hills.

Rock out.  There are lots of safety issues outside.  From traffic and cyclists to dogs and potholes, the great outdoors can get dodgy quick.  Running with music is iffy at best and depends heavily on your location.  At home?  Turn that jam up.  You won’t have to worry about anything crashing into you, getting bitten or tripping on a root.


What kind of relationship do you have with the treadmill?

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