Fit Friday: Sharing Workouts

It’s time to start sharing workouts again!  It’s been a while since I’ve shared my workouts mostly because I’m hanging out in maintenance mode while not training for anything specific.  Things haven’t changed much but I am only three weeks out from my next half, Rock n Roll Chicago.  I love stealing seeing other people’s workouts, it’s a great source of inspiration and is a good way to stick with one of my summer goals: don’t get bored.  Hopefully I can help someone else get inspired by sharing mine.

My mileage week technically starts on Monday but my rest day moves around and seven days of workouts are seven days of workouts, right?  Every other Friday I’ll be sharing workouts from the last two weeks so here we go!

Saturday (6/13):  Easy shakeout barefoot on the soft sand, 2ish miles.
Sunday:  Long Run, treadmill.  10 min warm up then 60 minutes at 5k+30 seconds.  12.5 miles.
Monday:  Crossfit – 20 min AMRAP 4 x muscle up progression, 4 x hand stand push-up progression (no upside down for me), 8 kettlebell swings.
Tuesday:  Run, road, 95+ degrees.  30 min at 80% of 5k pace.
Wednesday:  Run, barefoot on packed and soft sand.  Based on effort 10 miles.
Thursday:  Rest, 30 min mobility work.  Feet were very tired from Wednesday’s outing.
Friday:  Crossfit – Front squat to 3RM, then for time: run 200, 40 superman, 20 back rack Bulgarian split squats, run 400, 30 SM, 20 BSS, run 600, 20 SM, 20 BSS (12:09)

Saturday (6/20): Run.  1 Mile Time Trial then 60 min at 10k+25 seconds.
Sunday: Rest, 30 min mobility.  Partied hard Saturday night, oops!
Monday: Crossfit – Alternate every 3 min for 24 min:  1. row 20 cal, 20 goblet squats.  2. 2×5 pull-ups, 8 burpees.
Tuesday: Run, short intervals.  2 x tabata all out sprints in 90 degree, humid weather.  3.5 miles.
Wednesday: Crossfit – 4 min AMRAP x 4 hang power clean, 4 thrusters, rest 2 min and add 10 pounds to bar.  3 min AMRAP x 3 HPC, 3 thrusters, rest 2 min and add 10 pounds to bar.  2 min AMRAP x 2 HPC, 2 thrusters, rest 2 min add 10 pounds to bar.  1 min max effort HPC thrusters.
Thursday:  Rest, 30 min mobility.  No really good reason other than I was just not feeling it.
Friday: Run.  2 x 5k, barefoot, packed sand, rest 3 min between.  7 miles.

That’s what I’ve been up to in the gym and on the road lately and I hope you’ll enjoying me sharing my workouts more often.


Do you like sharing workouts?  Does it give you ideas for your own?

2 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Sharing Workouts

  1. Jess@ Flying Feet

    Looks like a pretty dang couple of solid weeks of training! Go girl. Yes, I enjoy “borrowing” others’ workouts. 😉 it helps keep things interesting and learn different ways to push our bodies! I’m also in maintenance mode. It’s been a busy summer though. Struggling to get anything in lol


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