Food Refresher

Running and eating go hand in hand.  Something has to fuel all those miles, and after eating all that food, something else has to use it all up.  I definitely have my favorites, but here’s to trying brand new restaurants, foods and places.  I’ll take into special account whether or not a spot might be good before, or after, a race and how runner friendly the menu is.

Metropolitan Oyster Exchange – Virginia Beach, VA – Review

Savannah Eat-a-Thon 2013 – Savannah, GA – Short and sweet reviews of eight great spots.

The Crab Shack – Tybee Island, GA – Review and Recap

Havana Great Neck – Virginia Beach, VA – Review and Recap

Ocean View Pier Restaurant – Norfolk, VA – Review and Recap

The Pier Cafe – Virginia Beach, VA – Review and Recap

Rudee’s on the Inlet – Virginia Beach, VA – Review and Recap

Have suggestions?  Recommendations are gladly taken.  Let’s eat!

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