Getting Ready for My Races

My Races are here!  For the next three weekends I will be in racing in three different states at two distances and hoping for a pair of PRs.  Things kick off Sunday with the Morgantown Thirteener, continue the following Saturday in Norfolk at the Heart of Ghent 10k and wrap up Sunday October 2 with my goal half marathon in New York.  I’ve worked hard all summer and my racesam definitely ready to taper into a solid two weeks.

This weekend’s half marathon knocks off State #21.  It also features ‘mountainous’ terrain and plenty of scenery.  I’ll be pacing the two hour group, looking for an easy last long run before a two week taper into my goal race.  I’m hoping for a scenic drive and good weather.  Unfortunately, it looks like rain.  Oh well, I’ve been wet before.  Stay tuned for a recap and review next week!

After that hilly run, it’s back to the flat for a PR attempt at the Heart of Ghent 10k.  The second of my races, I had an age group win here two years ago but missed the event last year after it rescheduled due to a severe storm.  Even though I haven’t been training specifically for the 10k distance, my 5k racing and half training should be very helpful.  I’ll also be taking the week easy after Sunday’s half marathon to be ready.  Counting as my first week of taper, the second starts when I cross the Finish Line in Norfolk.

I’ll be wrapping up my races with State #22 at the Wineglass Half Marathon the very next weekend.  It’s the race I’ve been working towards all summer.  Another light week will follow that PR attempt at the 10k distance.  I’m expecting it to provide the perfect distance and difficulty to keep me tuned up without being unable to recover for the big one.  I’m looking forward to Wineglass’s net downhill course and cool weather.  And, of course, a new half marathon PR!


What are you racing this fall?  Looking for a new PR at a distance?  Which one?

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