Goal Race Half Marathon Weekend

Well, it’s here.  My fall goal race in State #22, New York, the Wineglass Half Marathon.  The last week hasn’t been ideal for prepping but I’ve done all I can and am hoping for the best.  After a messy 10k last Saturday I’ve been getting plenty of rest, fluids and salt water air.  As a result, the congestion in my chest has clearly up considerably.goal race

Thanks to stronger lungs, my final workouts were solid.  I had legs that were fresh and fast for a track session Monday and a short tempo run Wednesday.  Both left me feeling as ready to race as I can and I’m ready to go.

My only concern is Race Day weather.  It’s looking cool (40s) with potential rain.  I haven’t had the chance to run in any temperatures under 60 since last spring and am curious if the sudden influx of cold, damp air will play a part in my performance.  Luckily I typically do much better in cooler temperatures.

My goal is to run an even split though ideally I’d like to finish strong with a negative one.  My perfect finish time would be somewhere between 1:35 and 1:35.30, averaging 7:16 miles.  With my nerves about the weather, some lingering sinus issues and an unfamiliar course, I’ll be ecstatic just to beat my current 1:37 PR.


What’s your goal race this fall?  Are you hoping to PR?

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