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I had a great experience with Genesis Pure‘s GPS Hydration yesterday, check out my review, and decided to give its sister product, GPS E2 Energy, a try for my long run this morning.  I planned on taking off in the rain right after Boot Camp, so I started drinking the all natural powder/water mix about 30 minutes before my run.  I’ve not one for energy products in general, and have definitely never had anything like it before a run, so I was ready for a Saturday morning adventure.

GPS E2 Energy comes in two flavors, Cherry Blast and Citrus Blast, and today I went with the Cherry.  Not much for citrus, I figured even if I didn’t like the cherry that much, I could always E2 Energywater it down.  Halfway through camp, I opened the Cherry Blast GPS E2 Energy wrapper and, like I did with the Hydration yesterday, poured the pink powder into about 10 ounces (8 are recommended) of cool water.  A good shake and every clump of powder was completely dissolved.  One sip in, there was no need to water it down, the bright pink beverage was delicious.

The 10 ounce glass of energy infused water was easy to drink and I finished it in about twenty minutes.  I slid on my running shoes and took off for a long run fifteen minutes later without noticing any kind of pick-me-up.  I had expected the typical rush caffeine beverages give, but with only 110mg of caffeine, there was no big high.  As I continued on my mist soaked outing, I did have a few unexpected pangs of hunger around minute 35 (fun), but ran through them and planned on having plenty to eat at the end.  The first 50 minutes of my run were great, I was sailing along right at the pace I wanted to and my legs felt a little tired, but manageable.  At the halfway point, I wondered if, even though there wasn’t a distinct caffeine high, there would be a crash.  Not yet.  I felt great hitting the one hour mark.

If I’m going to hit a wall, it usually occurs around minute 75, for both my body and my brain.  Today my legs got pretty grumpy around minute 80, which wasn’t surprising after my first week lifting heavy before a long run in three weeks.  Even though my quads, hamstrings and calves were beginning to tire and tighten, my mind stayed clear and the last 25 minutes of my run were definitely not the mental struggle they can become.  The crash I was waiting for never came and I easily picked up the pace at minute 90 to finish the last 20 minutes about 15 seconds per mile faster.  Feeling my sore legs, and not the crash I was waiting for, I noticed I wasn’t mentally exhausted like I am after a physically hard run.  With the exception of overworked lower body muscles, I felt awesome.  Not only glad to be finished with a physically tough workout, my mindset was alert and positive.

Feeling so good after a long training run gives the Cherry Blast my thumbs up.  GPS E2 Energy definitely gave my mental performance a boost and I’m excited to see what it does for me with fresh legs.  I’ll definitely be drinking a glass of GPS E2 Energy infused water before every long run from now on and it will be a welcome addition to my Race Bag.

What do you use to fuel your long runs and keep your head clear?


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