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Not only is today Fit Friday, my package of GPS Hydration Sticks finally arrived, I had speed work on the schedule and it stopped raining for a while.  Speed work is exciting mainly because it doesn’t take two hours and I really enjoy pushing myself until I am nauseous.  Genesis Pure’s GPS Hydration Sticks were exciting for a totally different reason.

I don’t tend to have hydration issues, sometimes I even think I over hydrate, but every now and then, especially in the hot and humid Virginia Beach summer, I wish I had something other than water.  The sugary taste of most sports drinks is a total turn off, even after diluting them, and leads me straight back plain old water.  I’ve tried all the flavors of all the brands you can think of and found roughly none of them palatable.  Genesis Pure‘s all natural Fruit Punch flavored product looked much more GPS Hydrationappealing than those artificially flavored drinks with 1,000% of the daily requirement of Vitamin B12, 100% of my daily Vitamin C needs and only 6 grams of natural sugar.  With all those good for me, natural ingredients, I was ready to get hydrated and rock my speed work.

To the cabinet I went, removed a glass and stuck it under the faucet.  I debated using warm water to help the powder dissolve completely, but who wants to drink warm water?  Cool water it was.  The GPS Hydration packaging calls for one packet per 8 ounces of water, and while that sounded great, I poured my stick into the 10ish ounce glass of cool water I had just filled about 45 minutes before I set out for my speed work.  The packaging recommends one stick per 30 minutes of exercise, but I just wasn’t that thirsty and with only a warm up, four 1600M repeats and a cool down to do, my workout was going to take less than an hour.GPS Hydration  The pink Fruit Punch powder immediately started to dissolve in the cool water (yay), and as I stirred, it finished dissolving very quickly.  Not only did it smell great, but even in more than the recommended 8 ounces of water, the taste was wonderful, too.  Easy to drink, I had my 10ish ounces in about twenty minutes and at the bottom of the glass there was not one bit of leftover powder.  Nice to know I got everything I paid for!

Then it was time for the real test.  Running.  I had two major questions heading out to my one mile loop: would it slosh around in my tummy and would I actually feel hydrated and fresh.  Warm up was good, not a hint of any issues.  Stepping it up for 1600 #1, I knew if it was going to turn ugly this would be the time.  Nothing!  The answer to my first question was no.  Even though I had just finished drinking 10 ounces of water, nothing bounced around and it seemed to have absorbed very quickly.  On to 1600 #2.   My legs felt wonderful, my digestive system was doing just fine and I was both fast and consistent through the first half of my workout.  Normally I’d stop for a spot of water at the halfway point, but today I wasn’t the least bit thirsty.  Rolling through 1600s 3 and 4, I could give Question Two a resounding ‘Yes!’  I was definitely hydrated, my legs did great, my fluids were in balance and the run was fantastic.

After such a great experience today, I’ll be giving one of the GPS Hydration Sticks sister products a try.  The GPS E2 Energy Stick is meant to give me an energy boost to power long periods of exercise and with 105 minute run coming, I think I’ll have that covered.

What do you use to stay hydrated or to fuel your long runs?


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