Holiday to Holiday Wrap Up

Holiday to Holiday Run Chat Hunt is officially finished.  With Christmas a few days behind me and Shamrock training in full swing after yesterday’s treadmill nine miler, last night I looked forward to seeing if my photo drawing entries meant I would have a new running accessory for my next 11 weeks of training.  Win or lose, I had fun searching for, photographing and posting my RunChatHunt to holiday

The Hunt starts on Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas, giving me a just about a month to find, photograph and tag the list’s ten items.  Each photo tagged with #RunChatHunt was counted as an entry and so were blog posts with the same tag.  I wanted to get as many entries as possible (who wouldn’t), so I kicked the Holiday to Holiday Hunt off right away by finding three items on Thanksgiving.  The next few days were dry, then I slowly checked more items off.  Finding a few of them was a challenge, I even had to do a special late night run to get everything.  You can see all of my Hunt photos here and click on the RunChatHunt tag to follow my hunt beginning to end.

The Holiday to Holiday Hunt was a fun experience and as a bonus, I also learned something.  I do not like running with my phone.  Without an arm band, it bounces around in whatever pocket it happens to be held in, no matter how tightly it fits, and drives me crazy.  An armband might be a good solution, but there are two reasons I stay away from it.  One is that I’m not a fan of something bulky hanging on my skinny arm and the second is that running with my phone on a regular basis would defeat the purpose of running.  I run to be alone, to clear my head and over think far too many things.  With a phone in tow, I noticed I was more concerned about what emails, texts and calls I was missing than with finding some peace.  Now that the hunt’s over, I’ll be sure to leave it at home.

Did I win?  Nope.  No new running accessories for my spring training, but I’ll be OK.  It was fun to participate and I’m ready for the next one!


Did you partake in the RunChatHunt fun?

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