Midweek Move + 6 Weeks to Go!

Starting tomorrow I’m launching a brand new feature on East Coast Run Project‘s social media pages.  Called the Midweek Move it will be posted Wednesday mornings and feature a drill, running specific strength move, stretch or nutrition tip designed to help you become a better midweek moverunner.  You can check out the video and give our Facebook page a ‘like’ right here.  If you prefer Instagram or Twitter, it’ll be going out there, too.  The first clip demonstrates one of my favorite mobility exercises, couch stretch.  It’s a must do for anyone with tight hip flexors and a good choice for everyone else.

While I’m planning future posts and working on my video skills, I’m also less than 50 days from the One City Marathon.  My training is still going really well and I’m back in action with 60 miles this week.  I feel good, my legs are strong and fresh.  I’m mentally right where I need to be and it’s a huge improvement over where I was last year. 

The biggest (only!) concern I currently have for race day is what shoes to race in.  I really like both my Saucony Pro-Ride 9s and my Nike Lunar Fly Knits right now.  I’ve had a good 20 miler in the Sauconys but a great 18 miler in the Nikes and it’s a hard choice.  The Saucony pair has more cushioning but they are also heavier than the Nike shoes with a higher drop (8mm vs 4mm).  The drop isn’t too important since I’m training heavily in 4mm shows so I’m leaning toward the lighter, softer Nikes.  I don’t want the chance to blame a less than perfect race on heavy shoes!


What would you like to see in a Midweek Move clip?  How do you pick race day shoes?

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