Moving Forward from Base Phase

I wrapped up my 8 weeks of base phase training last weekend, finishing July with an easy 13 miler for my second 50 mile week and a month total of 185 miles.  It seems like a long time to go until my target fall race, the Wineglass Half Marathon, rolls around but I know my next two training segments will fly by.  I have four week of prep followed by four weeks of peak training to look forward to and I’m excited to see what I can do this fall.base phase

With base phase behind me I’m feeling solid about my fitness level.  I did a good job of building up my weekly mileage without draining myself.  Racing the 5ks I did during base phase helped me stay on track with weekly speed work and kept my confidence up while I logged some slower miles.  Even though I ran both short and long intervals while continuing to spend time in the gym, my performance in each decreased slightly.  It was likely a combination of my focus being on something else and the hot, humid weather.

Now that I’m out of base phase and into prep phase I’m excited to see what a more intense, fewer miles load can do for me.  Hopefully some cooler weather will help, too.  The eight weeks I have before my goal half marathon perfectly work out with the months.  August is will be all prep phase and September all peak work.  This first week of August week features a 14 mile long run, more time in the gym and harder interval work.  Prep phase finishes with the Rock n Roll Virginia Beach 5k.  It’s a goal race for me and I might push up some hard, fast interval work a week early to get ready for it.  I’m confident the down week I have planned leading into race day will be all I need to feel fresh.


Do you have a base phase?  How do you organize your training?

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