New Running Shoes + Racing Weekend

I got new running shoes!  Actually, I got them a while ago but I just took them out of the box today.  My brand spankin’ new, shiny and clean Saucony Kinvara 7s went out for the first time this morning and I’m happy to say all six easy miles went very well.  Since they will likely be my fall PR goal race shoes for several events, it’s never too soon to make sure we click.

I’ve been rotating between Brooks PureFlow 4s and Saucony ProGrid Ride 5‘s (this is the closest I could find) for the last year and before that had multiple pairs of the ProGrid 4s and 5s I  new running shoeswould move around.  The PureFlow came into play when I wanted to get away from the ProGrid’s 8mm drop for speed work and racing.  I still do some recovery and long runs in the 8mm drop shoes but am mostly just waiting for them to wear out before all of my shoes are 4mm offsets.  When one finally kicked the pavement, only the PureFlow 5 was available to replace it.  I found the PureFlow 5’s toe box to be tighter than the 4 and didn’t think they were nearly as comfortable.  Definitely open to trying Saucony’s 4mm drop road shoe, I slid these on and immediately knew I’d found my new running shoes.  They’re not as cushioned as the Rides and have a stiffer sole than the PureFlows but after two or so miles they loosened right up and felt great today.  I also like the tougher sole of the Sauconys compared to the Brooks and feel they last longer with the surfaces I consistently run on.

I’ll continue to train and race in my PureFlow 4s until they’re kaput but am excited to race the Allen Stone Memorial 5k in my new running shoes this weekend.  It’s run 100% on the brutally hard Virginia Beach Boardwalk’s cement that can chew shoes up and spit them out quickly.  It should be a fairly competitive event, there’s even a chance of rain, and I’m looking forward to seeing how my new running shoes and I get along when I try to push the speed.


How often do you buy new running shoes?  Do you stick with a favorite brand or swap out?

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