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12 Jan 2016 – Blood testing for improved performance?  Not a bad idea.  Learn why here.

25 August 2015 – I enjoy running hills but not everyone does.  Here are some expert tips, including a few from me!

5 June 2015 – My blog post about race management conflict was featured in this article at RunHaven.

15 Sept 2014 – Working out at home?  Here are a few great exercises to try, including one of my favorites, from Daily Makeover.

29 December 2013 – New to a gym?  Check out these great suggestions from, including my advice, for feeling like you’re at home.

26 December 2013 – Kris Crepeau was looking for contributors to an eBook, The Resolution Solution.  I was happy to help, and you can find my contribution at Location 388 of 1007 in the Amazon Cloud Reader.  With lots of advice to help you stay on track in the new year, it’s a great read.

7 November 2013 – LadyLux was looking for help with a piece about becoming a better runner.  I was quick to help, and here’s the finished product!  Check out my suggestions in 10 Ways to Become a Better Runner.

8 October 2013 – I was featured in a LiveStrong piece about getting motivated to run.  It’s one of the biggest challenges I face both as a runner and as a coach, and I’m proud to have contributed.  The article is called 17 Proven Ways to Get Running, and you can find my advice on Slide #9.  Enjoy!

25 September 2013 – FitNicePT partnered with the United States College Athletic Association to help their student athletes have a healthy start to their days.  Check out the first issue of Fitness Focus right here!

13 August 2013 – RunChat featured Blogger – Check me out right here!


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  1. Marc Santiago

    My name is Marc Santiago and I am looking for blog partners for the Hit and Run 5K. In looking for potential partners, The Blogs | FitNiceRunner stood out as one that we would be very interested in working with.

    Hit and Run 5K is the most hilarious obstacle 5K ever. We have huge inflatables, mechanical doors, dodge ball cannons, swimming pools, foam machines, zorb balls, and other crazy elements. Check out this video to see exactly what I mean:
    In working with local bloggers in Salt Lake City we found it was mutually beneficial to do a pre-race post with a unique coupon code for readers, and a post-race review of the experience. If you would be interested in doing this, please let me know and I will provide you with a coupon code for your readers, and a code that will give you a free registration for you and a friend to try out the race.
    If you have other ways we could work together with ads, or sponsored posts, etc. we would be interested in looking at those options as well.
    Marc Santiago


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