North End Run Club + Week 2

It’s Week 2 of One City Marathon training and I’m loving it.  Of course, I haven’t had a big mileage week or a 20 miler yet…  I do have 45 this week, however, that are going well so far.  I’ve done a few easy easy runs, one tough set of 400M repeats and some cross training in the gym.  It feels good to be back on plan with structure for every workout.  When I’m just winging it to stay in shape, it’s easy to get in a rut.  Giving each workout a purpose prevents that completely for me.

One purpose of some workouts is to rack those aforementioned miles up.  The issue with having all these miles to run, though, is that I’m always looking for a buddy.  The North End Run Club has been going on since late summer but because of my training, working and north end run clubEquiKids schedule, I wasn’t able to attend their Tuesday evening runs.  Until now, that is.  It’s a new session at the barn and my schedule is different.  That makes the North End Run Club weekly outing much more accessible for me.

The size of the group varies week to week but there’s a great core of North End Run Club-ers who come out every week.  There’s also an early Wednesday morning run at a nearby park that’s partnered with November Project but I unfortunately have clients at that time.

I’m ready for the challenge my most ambitious plan brings with it and really looking forward to spending more time with the other runners of North End Run Club as my mileage demands increase.  It starts with Week 3 bumping up to 50 miles for two weeks before a recovery week over the Christmas holiday.


Do you run with any groups?  What do you like best about it?

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