Read, Eat, Write, Run.

After a strenuous weekend where I penned not only my regular posts, but also my first book and restaurant reviews, Monday was back to the easy stuff: work and working out.  I had expected writing a book review to be a serious challenge, and it was, but evaluating a restaurant was tougher than I anticipated.  Of course, choosing a 958 page behemoth to write my first ever literary retrospective about was probably not one of my better moments of forethought and that mistake made just about anything, especially writing a restaurant review about somewhere I’ve frequented for three years, much more brain friendly.  After posting my restaurant review and leaving one last edit of my book review for Monday, my exhausted mind gave me a good reason to hit the hay early Sunday night and I headed into Race Week well rested.

I began my Race Week Blogging by finalizing and posting my review of A Dance with Dragons, then moved on to Race Week Training with a fast two miler Monday afternoon that felt amazing.  The weather was warm, but the notorious humidity was low and a mild breeze kept me cool.  I turned in a time that made me really happy and was feeling great about all of the week’s training and, of course, my race.  Good thing I went into today, Tuesday Two A Day, feeling good.

Putting my last Tuesday Two A Day before Fall Season 2013 kicks off in the books meant starting with 6x200M sprints on the Boardwalk.  After a half mile warm up and a few minutes spent stretching out my hips, quads and hammies, I was still hyped from Monday’s pretty great two miler.  In order to get my Garmin 210 set up for intervals by accessing the aptly monikered Interval screen, I held down the Menu button.  That’s when I accidentally selected the also aptly named History screen.  My closest running buddy has been having trouble pulling up my GPS tracked history lately, and today it full on froze.  Out for a run that was going to be less than two miles, yet here I was sitting on a bench holding down three of four buttons on a watch that was obviously mad at me.  At this point, my feeling good was replaced by strong, to fairly strong, irritation.  Luckily for everyone, a timely reset put my electronic device and I once again on the same page.  Feeling good returned as I rocked through my intervals and cruised into North End Crossfit for the second half of my Two A Day.

Irritation raised her head again as I looked at the WOD.  Clean and jerks, toes to bar and more running (!).  Exactly zero of my favorite activities.  I worked to a Clean and Jerk 3 rep max, but didn’t push hard to hit a new PR because I knew there was plenty more coming and wasn’t looking to beat my legs and shoulders up too badly during Race Week.  I pushed through the assigned three rounds and, at the end, was surprised I had been able to find the perfect weight that left me feeling exhausted but not like I was about to lose a limb.  Feeling good returned.

I’m ready to race, and with FitNicePT’s newest program launching Thursday, I’m excited about the rest of the week, too.  Time to pick out something new to read!


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