Right Now: Recovery, Booked, Visited

It’s time for the May edition of Right Now!  This is my second post in this category and as promised, I’m covering three new topics.  I’m doing something new for recovery, booked a trip and visited a local art museum.  Here’s how I feel about each of them:booked

Recovery:  One of my 2014 running goals was to get better at recovering from long runs, races and every training session.  In my efforts to accomplish this, I accepted an invitation to the BioSkin ambassador program and received a complimentary pair of Calf Skins.  I’ve used compression capri tights, but never used compression socks during or after I run, and want to give them an honest try before reviewing them.  I’m still in the process of playing with my run/post-run routine and it’s been really hot (100% humidity for last week’s 14 miler!).  I haven’t wanted to run with any extra clothing on due to that, so I’ve used to Skins exclusively for recovery.  When it cools off a bit, I’ll go for a run in them and soon after, fill you in on everything Calf Skin!

Booked:  My trip to Vegas for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon.  I’m excited for the trip and since it’s not a target, PR attempt race, the race’s notoriously huge field shouldn’t bother me.  Hopefully I’ll be able to start from the first or second corral to give me even more running bookedroom on the flat course that wraps up with a run down the Strip while it’s all lit up.  I’ve heard good things (other than the large number of participants) from friends who have participated in the past and the 4:30pm Start Time, though unusual, makes this event special.  Nevada will be the 8th State checked off on my Run 50 States + DC Map, and I’m ready to keep plugging away at the list.

VisitedThe Duck.  This giant rubber duck is not only adorable, it’s world-famous and guaranteed to make you smile.  Stationed in Norfolk for the week, Florentijn Hofman’s Rubber Duck helps celebrate the re-opening of the Chrysler Museum of Art with its second appearance in the United States.  The Chrysler recently underwent a $24 million renovation and since I wanted to see it, the Duck seemed like the perfect reason to head over.  I hadn’t been to the old building, so I have nothing to compare it to, but it was great.  With free admission everyday, the Museum is home to a wide variety of exhibits and beautiful artwork as well as a glass blowing studio where you can let your creative juices flow.


Do you use compression for recovery?  What’s your 2014 destination race?  Does the duck make you smile, too?

8 thoughts on “Right Now: Recovery, Booked, Visited

  1. Jennifer Z

    How do the Calf Skins compare in thickness to other compression socks? I like the Pro Compression ones and Zensah but they can be a little thick for summer. Looking for a thinner alternative. LOVE the duck pics too. So cute!

    1. meredith@fitnicept.com Post author

      They’re not socks, which is nice because my ankles get plenty of air. I think they’re thinner by a little bit, but I’ve never used Zensah, so can’t compare. Definitely like them, and not too expensive.

  2. Smitha

    I don’t have a destination race planned this year! But next year, I want to do the Zooma Half Marathon in Napa. Sounds dreamy right? Wine, women and running! I ahve a pair of the Bio SKin compression shorts. They are so tight I can barely get them on!

  3. Kyle Kranz

    Full socks actually do a better job for recovery as they have a better gradual compression since they goo all the way down. Sleeves are nice because they allow you to wear your favorite socks while running but still reduce muscle oscillation during activity.

    Compression or not, the best recovery method is always going to be adequate calories during the day and easy days/runs between hard runs.

    I’ve done my share of destination races, week long road trips to and from a California Ironman triathlon and same ddrive distance up to the Canadian Rockies for an ultra marathon. Luckily this summer I’m MOVING to where I have done a couple destination races in the past, near the Black Hills National Forest and mountain range in western South Dakota 🙂

    1. meredith@fitnicept.com Post author

      Wow, ultras! I’m just not that motivated. Yet. Sounds like lots of good training spots are coming your way. Move for work or fun? I struggle with how I’m going to train at sea level for races out there since oxygen restriction masks are just not my thing, ha.


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