Summer Training Continues

My summer training continues as the heat and humidity do, too.  It’s been rough so far this summer here in Virginia Beach and it doesn’t look to be getting any better soon.  The daily highs of close to or above 90 the last 15 days have been much warmer than this time last year (thanks, Garmin) and my training schedule has had to be flexible.

Luckily, flexibility has been easy with my low pressure maintenance mode also rolling on and the trusty treadmill still standing by.  I did think I would get a reprieve from the treadmill after a tough winter with some early morning running but as my summer training continues, it turns out I was dead wrong.  summer training continuesMornings are ‘cool’ but extremely humid and evenings are hot, hot, hot with more reasonable levels of humidity.  It seems like a lose-lose kind of situation if I’m looking to get in a hard outdoor workout.

With staying indoors a safer option, I’ve been visiting that trusty treadmill for runs longer than 10 miles or when it’s just too awful outside, running barefoot on the beach a bunch and sticking to very early or late evening outdoor workouts.  I was very happy to finish this morning’s short intervals around the lake!

I’m also happy I opted out of an early fall goal half marathon and switched my focus to the 5k and 10k distances.  This has given me the chance I needed to make my biggest summer training goals staying fresh and out of a rut.  The struggles I faced at the end of my spring race season with physical and mental exhaustion are things I wouldn’t like to see again, especially when it’s this warm out.  I solved my long run hydration issues by adding GPS Hydration to each run’s water supply and as my summer training continues, I’m feeling great about where the next few weeks will go.


How do you handle the heat as your summer training continues?  Head indoors?  Slow down?

One thought on “Summer Training Continues

  1. Jess@ Flying Feet

    Oh, I definitely slow way down when temps creep up. I’m loosly “training” for a summer 10k then taking a break before divining into marathon training. I almost wish I hadn’t signed on for the fall marathon lol I feel so tired already. But I’m hoping by giving myself a two week break I’ll be itching to train hard again. It’s hard to keep the momentum in the summer heatvand humidity!!


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