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Long Warm Ups + PT Discharge

I’ve officially been discharged from physical therapy but that doesn’t mean I’m all better.  My right hip and glute are definitely feeling fatigued from all of the concentrated work they’ve been doing.  This has lead to some longer than desired warm ups on more intense efforts and it’s a little bit concerning.  The last thing I want to do before a race is have to run four miles.

Yes, four miles.  It takes me almost four miles (thirty+ minutes) to really feel like I can run hard for more than a mile.  Not only does that mean extra miles, it’s a little bit upsetting.  I usually run a 2-2.5 mile warm up for everything except a long run (shorter) or track work (longer).  It all started last Monday with an ugly run.  I went out for an easy hour and spent the first 30 minutes fighting ankle and shin pain.  I stretched, I squatted, I activated my glute the best way I could.  Then, boom!  The second half was great. 

A similar situation occurred this past weekend when I went out to tackle my first mile repeats since One City.  The first two repeats my right leg felt heavy and I carried a decent amount of tension in that ankle.  The second two?  Great.  I’m hopeful this means my glute and hip are very beat up right now and a little rest will set them straight.warm ups

I really need them to get straightened out, too.  The Elizabeth River Run 10k is coming up next weekend and I want to race.  Am I in PR shape?  No.  I want to get out there, push myself and get a solid idea of where my fitness is heading into summer.  So here’s to a little rest, longer warm ups and a solid race day.


How long are your warm ups?  How did you feel after finishing physical therapy?

Fall 2015 Race Season is Here!

It’s race week!  Fall 2015 Race Season is kicking off this Saturday with the Heart of Ghent 10k.  I ran this one last year as well, winning my age group last year with a PR.  I’d like to repeat with PR and an age group placing this year, too.  After Saturday’s race it’s a quick turnaround to my first back to back half marathons then a lengthy strength of marathon training before the Harbor Light 5k in November.fall 2015 race season

Now, back to this week.  The race is four days away and I’m excited to see what I can do.  I’ve been training at a fairly hard level consistently for the last few months and to make sure I’m ready to perform taper week is nice and light.  Two days of short interval speed work, one easy day and two rest days will get me to the line fresh and fast.  If the weather holds, which isn’t looking good right now, I’m hoping to finish 30+ seconds faster than last year’s 43:24.  If Fall 2015 Race Season starts with Saturday morning’s predicted 70% chance of rain and 20mph winds, I’ll know everyone else out there is suffering, too, and let my time goal slip some.

I want Fall 2015 to start strong because Spring 2015 didn’t go as planned.  Hopefully the changes I’ve made mean an improved Fall 2015 race season is in store.  I’m fueling better, recovering better and using a more flexible schedule that includes less ‘just run’ miles and more goal oriented workouts.  Ideally this new attitude will lead to fall 2015 race season PRs at 10k this weekend and 5k in November.  After that it’s on to a new half marathon PR attempt in December and an inevitable marathon PR next March.

Speaking of my first marathon, it’s exactly 26 weeks away!  The One City Marathon isn’t until March 2016 but I’m ready to hit some late fall 18-20 milers and get rolling.  My first pair back of back half marathons is coming up in a little more than three weeks, making them a good jumping off point for marathon training and I’m glad they’re on the schedule soon.


What’s on your fall 2015 race season calendar?  New distances?  New PRs?

Fall Racing is Almost Here

It’s August!  Time to start getting ready for fall racing and working towards some new PRs.  I’ve had a busy few weeks with three race weekends in a row (RnR Chicago, Kill That 5k and Joggin for Frogmen) and am looking forward to some easy weekends with nothing more than a long run on the schedule.  My fall racing schedule includes a little bit of everything and will be lots of fun.  I’m pacing and racing at the half marathon distance while looking to PR at both 5k and 10k in the next few months.

Fall racing season kicks off with Rock n Roll Virginia Beach and it will be here before I know it.  I won’t be racing this one but will be pacing the 2:15 group again this year.  Eric at Hampton Runner will be my pacing partner and we couldn’t be more excited to help people reach their half marathon goals.fall racing

Next up is the Heart of Ghent 10k on 26 September.  Along with some cooler weather this flat course will give me a chance to hit the new 10k PR I’ll be looking for.  I had a great race last year (super comfy tees) and it’ll be a nice opportunity to push myself without a PR attempt half marathon on the schedule until December.

Two short weeks later I’ll return to pacing for the Hartford Half Marathon 2:00 group.  The next day it’s racing mode (hopefully) for the Narragansett Half Marathon and to check off my second state for the weekend.  Neither race will be fast but I’m looking forward to pushing myself for the first time in the second of back to back half marathons.  After a whirlwind trip to New England, I’ll be back in Virginia Beach for a little breather and five weeks to dial my training in for a 5k PR attempt at the Harbor Lights 5k on 21 November.

Fall racing will wrap up with a trip to Louisiana for the Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon.  It’ll be a quick one night stay as I use this flat, uncrowded race as my 2015 half marathon PR goal race.  Even though I have plenty of fall racing on the calendar, each event has plenty of wiggle room for training tweaks if I feel I need them and I’m looking forward to going after new PRs as the weather cools down.


What’s on your fall racing schedule?  Going for any new PRs?

2015 Future Race Plans

I have future race plans!  When my spring race season finished two weeks ago, I was beat up both mentally and physically.  Like most athletes, it’s the promise of testing myself on race day that keeps me pushing forward and I was a little bit lost about what my fall race schedule should include.  Fortunately I’ve recovered from all of that and looking forward to what’s coming over the next few months.

Do I want to race a target half marathon?  Of course I do.  I want the PR I know I’m capable of achieving and more.  Unfortunately, it’s the summer season.  Not exactly an ideal time for racing your best, especially when your next race is Rock n Roll Chicago.  Smack dab in the middle of July.  If the weather is on my side (rain?) I might go out and see what I’ve got.  If it’s not, it’s not.  There will be plenty of opportunities to reach my goal down the road.future race plans

As I sorted myself out after three rough race weekends in a row, I ultimately decided not including the 13.1 distance in my future race plans probably wouldn’t kill me.  If Chicago happens, it happens, no big deal.  It’s been a long time since I focused on training for something other than a half marathon and even longer since I raced a road 5k.  So…I registered for the Heart of Ghent 10k and Harbor Lights 5k with a plan to PR both distances.

I also finally decided on my first marathon!  It’s a long way out but next March’s One City Marathon in Newport News, VA is the winner.  Plenty more on this coming soon.

While my immediate future race plans don’t currently include racing 13.1 miles, I will be running a few.  I have back to back half marathons in Connecticut and Rhode Island in October.  I’ll be knocking out some two in a row long run training blocks and stretching my long run to 20 miles once or twice.  It’ll give me a good taste for the full training I’ll have over the winter but the truth is I might not be able to stop myself from the lure of 13.1 racing miles.  The Harbor Lights Half Marathon is flat, fast and super close to home.  It presents the perfect chance to go after a 2015 half marathon PR in a month I’m sure won’t be hot.  The fact that it’s the day after my goal 5k just gives me more of a challenge.


What are your future race plans?  Trying a difference race distance?