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2015 Running Goal Check-up

Wow!  It’s the last day of June and we’re halfway there.  Being halfway to 2016 means it’s time for a 2015 running goal check-up.  I like to look back at my goals when I’m halfway for a few reasons.  During these hot summer months a running goal check-up keeps me motivated by showing how far I’ve come in six months.  It also helps me stay focused.  Some of these goals I think about frequently but other slip through the cracks every now and then.  You can lean what and why I chose these specific 2015 running goals in this post but here’s a quick review of what they are.

Run 1,500 miles.
After this morning’s run, I’ve logged 717 miles.  I have a group run this evening for a another four that will bring my halfway there total to 721.  Even though my miles won’t total half of 1,500, I’m confident I’ll hit this goal.  I have to average roughly 30 miles per week to nail it and with a pair of back to back half marathons, some big long runs coming when the weather cools off, it’s easily within reach.  This is kind of an arbitrary goal but it gives me something to work towards and I’m not sure I’ll set the same kind of ‘miles to run’ goal for 2016.

Run my first 20 miler.
This will definitely happen.  I had originally planned to get it checked off this summer but it has been so unacceptably hot thus far, I’m not in a big hurry.  After hemming and hawing about what marathon to make my first, I finally settled on Newport News, VA’s One City Marathon next March.  With close to 37 weeks until I toe the line, there’s plenty of time to rack up long running goal check-upruns of this or longer distances without risking a heat stroke.

Check 5 more states of the 50 states+DC list
I am well on my way to hitting this goal.  I checked off Arizona in January, DC in March, Kansas and Maryland in May (recaps of all those races are here) and am heading to Illinois for Rock n Roll Chicago in three short weeks.  With Connecticut and Rhode Island on the schedule for October, hotel rooms booked and road trip planned, this goal is looking pretty good.  I might even add a PR attempt in the late fall or early December, hopefully checking off one more in the last stretch.

Break a 1:35.00 half marathon (PR)
I was definitely on course to hit this goal in the spring.  My RnR DC race was really solid over a hilly course and I felt good heading into my target race.  Unfortunately the weather was hot and humid for both chances I had.  In Kansas my knee gave me trouble and in Maryland I physically fell apart in the very warm temperatures.  After such a frustrating month of May, I took a step back and decided to concentrate on 5k/10k for the fall.  But….I don’t think I can do that.  I’m definitely looking at a possible goal race in the early winter because I know I can reach this one.

That’s my mid-2015 running goals check-up!  Things are moving along nicely and I’m looking forward to continued success as the year rolls on.


How are your 2015 goals going?