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I’m Back + Exciting Things

Wow!  It’s been over a week since my last post but I’m back!  Time has flown by in spite of my limited time spent lifting, jumping and running as I roll on with marathon recovery and down time before my next training cycle begins.  I’ve been busy with three exciting things I’m ready to share so here’s what I’ve been up to these last seven days:

1.  Decision Making.  I know in this post I said I wasn’t sure about my next marathon or if I’d even run another one.  Well, one of my I’m Back announcements is that I will be back.  I’ll be hitting the road for 26+ miles on 12 March 2017 for the 3rd One City Marathon.  It might be a quest for redemption or just to prove it was really the sock’s fault or more likely both.  I know I can perform better and now I’ve given myself the chance to confirm it on the same course on, hopefully, another perfect day.

2.  Reading.  While standing, of course.  Taking a break from hours of running in a week doesn’t give me an excuse to sit on my rump.  Rest is not recovery!  It’s been a while since I’ve opened a running book but right now I’m back to it with Chi Running.  I’m always hungry to I'm backlearn more, hone my coaching abilities and find new ways to help guide my clients to crush their goals.  So far it’s been a nice compliment to what I know about similar training theories like Crossfit Endurance and Pose Method.  When I’m back running more than three or four miles at a time in a few weeks I’m excited to see what I’m able to apply to my own activities.

3.  Creating.  I’m not an incredibly creative person in terms of art but when I get my mind set on something I’m all in.  I started FitNicePT ages ago and while I love my clients and what I do every day, personal training isn’t my main focus.  I’ve moved on to being more of a running coach and that’s where I’d like to grow.  It’s challenging to start a new project but I’m back on the grindstone and looking forward to where this project is going to take anyone who’s a part of it.


What have you been up to?  What are you reading?

2014 in Review: Running, Blogging, Learning

Another year is drawing to a close and 2014 seemed to fly by faster than the last.  It was an exciting year of running adventures, traveling and lots of learning.

As 2014 rolled in, I established both personal and professional goals for the next 12 months.  My personal goals revolved around running, including logging 1,200 miles and clocking a sub 1:40.00 half marathon before the summer began.  My professional goals were to get my USA Track and Field Level I certification, grow FitNicePT and potentially write an e-book.  Now that 2014 is on the way out and learning2015 is knocking on the door, it’s time to take a look back at the last 365 days.

I nailed one of my running goals by PRing under 1:40.00 twice before summer and again in October at 1:37.24.  My racing year was very exciting and if you want to read all about it, here it is!  I exceeded my second running goal by running 1,445 miles in 2014.  Staying injury free was a huge bonus and I credit it to listening to my body in combination with consistent strength training.

My professional goals were not so easy to gauge.  I did receive my USA Track and Field Level I Coaching certification in March and the three-day course was a great learning experience.  I also took FitNicePT in a different direction and struggled with where I wanted to go.  Instead of writing an e-book, I took a lot of time to learn and use Twitter to help build a strong voice for my brand and gave more time to my blogs.  I love sharing my passion and knowledge while helping others reach their goals.  Being a part of the RunChat and BibRave clearningommunities has been very rewarding and while an e-book longer than 140 characters is still potentially on the horizon, I’m happy to be a part of the online running community on a daily basis.

Between my USATF coaching course, various continuing education efforts and some blogging trial and error, I did a lot of learning in 2014.  I stretched my long runs longer than ever before, lifted heavier weights than I thought I could, reached out to brands and businesses I never thought I could and look forward to taking those lessons with me into 2015.

What are my goals for 2015?  I have a Rock n Roll Phoenix and Rock n Roll DC on the calendar but am not aiming for a PR at either event.  I want to continue to grow the FitNicePT brand and need to choose the best way to do that.  I’ll spend some serious time thinking about it over the next few days and can’t wait to share what I decide.


What was your biggest accomplishment of 2014?  Did you reach all of your goals?

More than Halfway through 2014

Happy 4th of July!  We’re halfway through 2014 already.  OK, a little past the halfway point but either way, this year is flying by and I’m excited for what the second half will bring with it.  At the close of 2013 I set several personal and professional goals for the upcoming year.  Now we’re halfway halfway through 2014through and when I take a look back I think I’ve done a pretty good job.  Let’s review:

Goal #1:  Run 1,200 miles.  As of 30 June my grand total was 803.14 miles and that puts me well on my way.  With four half marathons coming up in the second half I have every confidence I’ll hit, and likely exceed, my 1,200 mile goal.  Halfway through 2014 and I’ve been 100% injury free even with the increasing weekly miles I’ve been racking up in the heat lately.  This leaves me ready to tackle Fall 2014 with fresh, strong legs.

Goal #2:  Half marathon PR under 1:40:00 before summer hit.  I nailed this one!  Twice, actually.  I ran a 1:39.09 at the Shamrock in March in spite of the windy conditions.  Really happy to have hit my goal with April Fool’s still to come, I relaxed between the races and was surprised to see that I had crossed the Atlantic City Finish Line at 1:38:42.  New goal:  1:37.30 to kick off Fall 2014 at Myrtle Beach.

Goal #3:  Grow FitNicePT.  I’ve done an OK job with this but could definitely do more.  I’ve attended a couple networking events and am much more attentive to social media.  I’m struggling a bit as I try to figure out how to transition from concentrating on personal and group fitness to focus more on running based programming and coaching.  I have great clients and am very lucky I get to start my day with sunrises on the beach three days a week and even though I’m in a down spot, I love what I do more than ever.

Goal #4:  Write an ebook.  Halfway through 2014 and I have barely thought about this!  I enjoy writing, obviously, and would love to write an ebook, but guess I have writer’s block. When I do sit down and think about blog posts I could expand into a book I manage to talk myself out of whatever the idea is.  ‘It’s been done.’  ‘You’re not knowledgeable enough.’  With a little more thought and belief in myself (get it together, self!) I know I can, if not finish and publish, start working on something great.

Goal #5:  Attend a Coaching School and receive my USA Track and Field Level I Coaching Certification.  I did this in March (read about it here) and it was very educational.  I’d like to do my Level II in the next two or three years as I dive more fully into the world of running, coaching and racing.

Halfway through 2014 I think I might be in need of a new goal for the second half of 2014 other than my new half marathon PR goal.  I’m looking forward to racing in Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Las Vegas and Rehoboth this fall and can’t wait to see what else I can accomplish.


How are your 2014 goals going?  Have you had to change, update or create new ones?

60BySpring Challenge

Hello all!  This post should have come out earlier, but I’m battling a fever and didn’t have a burning desire (pun intended) to do much of anything except stay still and drink fluids until a few minutes ago.  As a result of this gross miscarriage of Half Marathon Training Justice, I was forced to postpone a 5 mile race pace run that would have wrapped up the running portion of Shamrock Week 9 and gotten me closer to completing my 60BySpring Challenge.  ‘Your what?’ you say?60byspring

Well, I’ll fill you in!  FitNicePT kicked off a social media campaign called 60BySpring this Thursday, February 20 and it will be running (pun also intended) through the first day of Spring: March 20, 2014.  Participants have four weeks to log 60 running, run-walking or walking miles.  I’m really excited about it and have been tweeting with both @FitNicePT and @FitNiceRunner about the program for two weeks.  The goal of the 60BySpring Challenge is to help people kick off their beach body transformations, and as most people know, the hard work has to start before April.

The 60BySpring Challenge is not meant to help marathoners hit a new 26.2 PR, though it might, but to get people moving and thinking about fitness.  This Challenge asks only that people average 2.14 miles each day for a period of 28 days, and that 30 minute commitment can hopefully become an important part of their day.  Once fitness becomes a habit, it’s easy to stick with, and since it only takes 21 days to form a new one, 60BySpring is the best way I can help people get ready for swimsuit season.  Participants simply run their miles and post to Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #60BySpring to interact with fellow participants, ask Team FitNice questions and support one another.

I began logging my 60BySpring miles yesterday with a 14 mile long run, you’ll hear more about that in Shamrock Week 9 Wrap Up, and will hopefully get back to checking them off tomorrow.  Now it’s back to fluids, and bed not long after, so I can work and get today’s missed 5 mile race pace run done in the morning.


How do you start getting ready for Beach Season?  Are you joining our #60BySpring Challenge?

Priority One, Two…

My only priority Fall Season 2013 was to hit a new half marathon PR, and when I laid out my Fall schedule, Savannah was that race I planned to do that in.  That changed when I learned the course had more hills than I initially expected and was reenforced by my decision to run the fast and flat Rock n Roll Philly.  I set my new PR in Philly, 1:43:32, and in a bout of insanity because I still want to perform well (1:45:00) in Savannah, left a weekly long run in my schedule even during two upcoming Race Weeks.

This is the first of those Race Weeks, and I want to hit Sunday’s Crawlin’ Crab 5K hard.  Running a sub 22:30 5K is my second priority of the Fall 2013 season.  Running for 105 minutes three days before Race Day didn’t concern me much a few weeks ago because I thought I’d still have a half marathon goal to hit and the long run would be more important.  Not anymore.  Already having my new half marathon PR, plenty of really good miles behind me, including a great training run Sunday, and four more long runs coming up before Savannah, I’ve readjusted.  I’d debated about tossing out the long run all week and if my run Sunday hadn’t met my goals, I likely would have dug in and done 105 minutes today.  Thankfully, Sunday did, so today I didn’t have to.

It is also true, however, that I was a little beat up from yesterday’s strength training, Unmotivated would have been an understatement of my mood this morning and by the time I could get to running, it was close to 80 degrees out.  I’m done with doing long runs in weather over 75 degrees this year, yes, but mainly I really didn’t want to push the envelope.  Risking a bad performance on Race Day with legs that weren’t fully recovered from both a long run and only one day of rest didn’t appeal to me at all.  Dropping the long run left my calendar open for normal Wednesday to Sunday Race Week Training: two days of speed work and two days of rest.  I decided to drop this week’s long run, stick with Race Week Training I know works and went out for some of that speed work this afternoon.

Feeling like I should still give my legs some serious work today, I warmed up for my speed work with an easy six mile bike ride.  My kind of beat up legs felt OK riding the bike, but when I hopped off they felt like lead.  Not sore, not tight, just dead.  I slid on my running shoes and fired up the intervals feature on my Garmin 210 thinking, wholeheartedly, my legs would wake on up as I ran a warm up mile.  Well, mind over matter is great, but this time my matter won and the first of my six 400M repeats felt slow.  I was running as hard as I could, but not getting anywhere on legs that seemed nothing if not lethargic.  After completing my second 400M repeat, I was ecstatic that I had decided to drop my long, endurance building 105 minute run.  My legs were just giving up and my breathing was more labored than its been in a long time as I finished repeat number three.  It was more of the same for repeats four, five and six, hard work and confusingly slow times.  In the end, my 400s were fifteen seconds slower than I wanted, but very consistent, and it could have been worse.  It’s clear this, not a long run, was exactly the type of workout I needed before ‘Priority Number Two: Hit a new 5K PR’ Race Day.

I’ll spend as much time as I can tolerate rubbing, rolling, stretching and otherwise cajoling my body to recover tonight and tomorrow, or Friday, I face a hard two miler.  If my legs are still exhausted tomorrow, I’ll rest and push my hard two miler to Friday, but either way a Saturday of rest will get these grouchy legs back on track and I’ll be ready to turn in a new PR on Sunday.



It’s October first and with 4 days until Race Day, I hope it means decent running weather is here to stay for a while.  The weather was very nice yesterday when I did my usual Race Week Monday 30 minute tempo run, but the run could have been better.  My legs were a little beat up from Sunday’s 90 minute outing and I struggled to really get the pace I wanted.  I finished it up feeling OK and after a big post-run stretch, I was ready to go this morning for my Race Week Strength Training.

A gorgeous morning on the sand kicked off October’s Beach Boot Camp and knowing I wasn’t going to lift very heavy no matter what, there wasn’t anything I didn’t particularly want to see on the board this morning.  Walking into the gym, I was pumped to go, and when I saw a short and sweet WOD that involved hang cleans, front squats, v ups and, everyone’s favorite, burpees, I was overjoyed.  Unlike Double Unders, Snatches and Overhead Squats, I actually like doing cleans and don’t mind Front Squats at all.  Excited for the workout, it took until I started to warm up for me to realize my hips were unexpectedly tight.  Luckily, with a short WOD on the table, there was plenty of time to get them loose.  Once my co-WODers and I were all good and warmed up, it was time to go.  With my light Race Week weight, I breezed through the workout in under 5 minutes and immediately got back together with a band to help my hips and hamstrings out.

Tomorrow rolls on with October’s first long run and I’m still on the fence as to whether or not to drop Friday’s short fast run.  I’ll make the final decision on that after I move around a bit on Thursday.  Hopefully changing my Race Week Training Schedule won’t be a problem for a short hard race, but I am concerned about adding a long run to my normal routine.  I’m not sure how much of a difference two miles Friday would really make, especially since I’m doing speed work on Thursday, too, and with an abnormal long run on Wednesday of Race Week, I’m leaning towards dropping it and taking two days of rest.

Now it’s off to spend my Tuesday afternoon with EquiKids and this wonderful October weather has me hoping to play outside for a few more hours.


Getting Crabby

It’s Race Week!  Heading into the Crawlin’ Crab 5K this Sunday, I’m not doing my usual Race Week Training and hoping the week’s workouts don’t leave me crabby on Race Day.  I rarely do a long run during Race Week, but I will be this time with a 105 minute long run on Wednesday.  I probably could get away with dropping the long run since I still have 3 more before Savannah, although I’m more inclined to drop one of my speed workouts later in the week if I think I need to.  I’m not going to worry about it today, and kicked off Race Week Three this afternoon.

Last week finished up with the Eagles getting massacred by Denver yesterday, and the loss didn’t leave me as crabby as it normally would have since it was expected.  Luckily, that poor performance by my football team didn’t rub off and I turned in a really good 30 minute tempo run this afternoon.  My legs were a little tired from yesterday’s 90 minute run, but I did a mile warm up before heading into my half hour of work and was ready to go.  The first ten minutes were easy at 10K pace, while the second ten minutes were a little tougher at 5K pace over the gentle hills of Mount Trashmore.  When I first increased my pace, my calves started to get a little crabby, but they did loosen up after about two minutes at the faster pace and I peaked around minute 18.  I very gradually decreased my pace back to 10K speed and finished with exactly four miles in the 30 minutes.

My legs being tired today has me a little concerned about doing a second long run in four days, especially during Race Week.  I’m going to stick with my plan and do a 105 minute run on Wednesday, but I might drop my 2 mile race pace on Friday to give myself two days of rest before I try to set a new 5K PR.  All in all, today was a good start to the week, and I’m all ready for tomorrow’s light strength training session.


No Long Run Problem

I pushed my long run back to today because the wind and predicted rain were going to be a problem for me.  Well, it never rained and I missed out a perfectly breezy day to run for 90 minutes.  My surprise rest day was lovely, however, and my legs felt ready to work when I popped out of bed this morning.  While eating breakfast, I checked the weather to see it was going to be awesome and happened to notice, thank you ESPN, that a new World Record had been set by Wilson Kipsang in the marathon.  He put away 26.2 miles in 2:03:23.  Yup, time for me to get back to some serious work.  I know I’ll never be the same league as Olympic runners, but after figuring out how fast I would have to go to hit his 13.1 split (dream on, yeah right, faster), it’s pretty good motivation.

I was excited for my run this morning and getting lost in awe at the thought of running a sub 1:02:00 half, the first 30 minutes flew by.  My legs felt great, the weather was incredible and there were lots of other runners out there with me.  I ran the first mile and a half easy, then hit the 45 minute mark running at about ten seconds slower per mile than Philly Race Pace.  Stopping for some water and to retie my shoes, I was halfway through what so far was a problem free, great training run.  Working some small grades into today’s course didn’t phase my fresh legs and at one hour in, it looked like I was going to beat my distance goal.  Just as I was feeling wonderful, my left knee got a little tweaky when I was forced to run on a very banked sidewalk for roughly half a mile around minute 65, but that problem worked itself out when I landed back on flat(er) pavement.  Since I knew I would hit my goal even if I dropped off my current pace a little bit, and my knee was feeling better, I decided to try running a negative split, knowing that if it took too much out of me, it would simply be another learning experience.  I accelerated to 10K speed at minute 70 and finished the last 20 minutes of my run at a comfortable 10K pace.  Breathing easy as I ran through minute 90, I beat my distance goal by three tenths of a mile and felt incredible.  Finishing faster than I started, and doing so easily, made me realize I really am making progress and that maybe my goal of breaking 1:40:00 at the Shamrock in March isn’t as crazy as I thought.

Tomorrow kicks off Race Week 3 of the Fall 2013 Season and I’m excited for my first 5K road race in a long time.  Before the Crawlin’ Crab, I’m looking forward to another chance at this finish fast thing with a long run on Wednesday.

Now, it’s Sunday, and I’m off to watch some football.  Let’s Go Birds!


It’s Windy

It was a little windy on the beach for Boot Camp this morning, and between the 17 mile an hour winds and forgetting there was a pair of races (8K and 5K) on my long run route this morning, I chose to push it to tomorrow.  The weather guessers are calling for rain this afternoon, and I really don’t feel like getting wet, so tomorrow is just fine with me.  It’s supposed to be windy again, but I’ll have to deal with it.  Pushing my run back to Sunday also means I’ll only have two days between this one and my next one on Wednesday, which should be fun.

In addition to being back in the gym and on the road, I also finally received my Bay Days 8K medal.  After the race I had been informed that the top three finishers gold, silver and bronze medals had accidentally been shipped to Alaska, but would get to me shortly.  I saw several posts on the Day Bays 8K Facebook page mentioning that medals had been sent out, but four days later I hadn’t gotten mine.  I left two voice mails and sent two emails over the next few days and heard nothing back.  I did, however, receive an email confirming my entry into the race director’s other event, a color run in Williamsburg on 28 September.  Huh?  Checking all of my bank, credit and debit statements, I was reassured I had not registered for this event.  I brushed this aside and gave my medal one more day to arrive.  It did not.  Maybe they hadn’t returned my calls or emails because they’re so busy promoting this second event, I thought.  Busy or not, that’s a horrible excuse, so I took to the Bay Days 8K Facebook page and posted that I had not yet received my medal.  There was no reply.  My next post was on the Color Run’s Facebook page and, well, that got me an immediate response.  My medal arrived Thursday and while it’s nothing fancy, I earned it and am proud to have it.  The letter that came with it tells me I’ve also earned a complimentary entry into the 2014 Bay Days 8K, which I’ll have to see about when doing my Fall 2014 Race Schedule.


Bay Days 8K Silver MedalMy Silver Medal and Finisher’s Medal

This week it felt great to be running and lifting again after seven days off post-Philly and I’ll be rolling right into another Race Week after tomorrow’s long run.  Next Sunday’s Crawlin’ Crab is my first 5K road race in a long, long time, and I’m really excited for it.  The weather report is looking good, and since it should be a whole lot less windy, it’ll be a piece of cake.  With two long runs, 90 minutes and 105 minutes, only two days apart, I’ll mix up my Race Week Training a little it, and head into Race Day with only one day of complete rest.

Bring on the long runs!


Good to Be Back

Today is Fit Friday and after missing two in a row for pre- and post-race Rest, it felt good to be back.  The Hokies won last night (yay), I was suitably recovered from this week’s earlier workouts and I wanted to finish up my ‘it’s good to be back at training’ week with a strong long run today and good speed work tomorrow.

When I decided to schedule my long run for this morning, there was no rain in the forecast and planned a later start to Friday morning because I knew I would stay up late to watch the Hokies win.  I did stay up late, and had a restless night, but woke up ready to go anyway.  That’s when I heard it.  The rain.  Wait a minute.  I pulled out my Weather Channel app and yup, no rain predicted.  That threw me for a loop since I could hear, smell and see the water coming from the sky outside my window.  OK, I thought, I have time to wait for this to pass (snooze) and still get a run in before my clients.  Snooze I did not and when I woke up an hour later, I no longer had time to get my run in before work.  Off I went, figuring I could just do my 90 minute run this afternoon, even knowing I had plans to run with a client for this week’s second Two a Day.  Run we did and all 3.5 miles of it were lovely, especially since we ran next to the Neptune Festival vendors on the Boardwalk and had plenty of things to see.  Even after that short, easy run, I lost my motivation to do 90 more minutes today and decided to do tomorrow’s three mile race pace run instead, leaving both Saturday and Sunday open for a long outing.

I waited until evening to get my three mile race pace run in and it was great.  I got a twenty minute power nap that totally re-energized me and was pumped to go.  My legs had tightened up a little bit between running 3.5 with my client and heading out for my own run, so I ran an extra half mile and spent five minutes stretching before picking up the pace.  I jogged off, accelerated into my 5K pace, hit the Start button and was moving right along when at just past the first half mile, I got stuck at an intersection and had to wait for about 15 seconds.  I was bummed, but got right back into it and ended up running a full 5K rather than just three miles.  It felt good to get my legs fired up and I finished in 22:10, which is exactly where I want to be next Sunday for the race.  A big stretch/foam roll and another day of running was in the books.

I will likely do my long run after Beach Boot Camp tomorrow morning to get it out of the way so I can have a restful Sunday heading into Crawlin’ Crab 5K Race Week.  It’s going to be a relaxing Friday night tonight, a not too early Saturday, an Eagles filled Sunday and I can’t wait.

Happy Weekend!